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The best alternative to Answer The public?

4 Mins Read | Updated on 3rd March, 2022.

You will never be an effective marketer if you don’t fully comprehend the customer.

assuming you are aware of the client’s requirements. In that scenario, you can invest a lot of time in your research. Once more, conducting this study will be expensive and time-consuming, even if you engage a competent individual.

You could be someone with plenty of interesting ideas and fancy content, but somehow you are still not ranking or selling your products. Is that one of your concerns?

Are you looking for a tool that would make your workflow easy and efficient? Something that would give you an idea of what your target audience is looking for.

I’ll now introduce you to a tool that makes it simple to find out what customers want, explore new possibilities for eCommerce, sales, education, and more, or gain a more accurate understanding of people’s needs without conducting any research.

TopicMojo is one such tool made to solve all your worries and topic-related issues. This tool gives you the chance to explore new opportunities and grow your business in your chosen niche

TopicMojo LTD Review - A detailed one.

What is TopicMojo

TopicMojo is a tool that examines Google and discovers every useful information that people are looking for or asking around your keyword.

It helps you get the desired data required to build content and ideas in your niche. TopicMojo basically analyzes the search engines to give you details of the kind of phrases and questions people ask for a given topic or niche.

Highlights of TopicMojo

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Pros and Cons of TopicMojo Reviews


  • Location based results available

  • Apart from Google, you can also check the results of Quora and Reddit

  • Keywords suggestions

  • User friendly

  • You can share the reports with the customized domains

  • Export your data easily

  • Pocket friendly price

  • Lifetime availability of the free version

  • Gives you the option of getting a sample of the data or overview from the models available

  • You can build a topic model using Topicmojo that includes every user intent.

  • 18 languages of location-based results.


  • It doesn’t include SEO data (Search volume, CPC,Similarity, Relevancy ) in lifetime deals. You need to purchase it separately.

  • Keyword suggestions are sometimes not as accurate as the other tools in the market

  • Only stacks with at least five are eligible for the custom domain for the sharing link.

TopicMojo Reviews

People have used TopicMojo and found it extremely useful.. Below are reviews from some of the TopicMojo users.

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TopicMojo Alternatives

There are other alternative tools is also available for TopicMojo, some of them are

Let's compare TopicMojo with one of the alternative tool

TopicMojo vs SEO Tester Online

FeatureTopicMojoSEO Tester Online
Free VersionYesYes
Keyword Rank TrackingYesYes
Backlink MonitoringYesNo
Third Party IntegrationsNoYes
Prices(LTD)$49No LTD
Dynamic Shareable LinksYesNo
Real Time DataYesYes
Data Import/ExportNoYes
Keyword TrackingYesYes
Custom Domain for Shareable linksYesNo
Question FinderYesNo

About the TopicMojo Company

Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)
FounderAhmed Qureshi
Available Countries215
First Lifetime DealJan 11, 2021
Data Sources50+
Free TrialYes
Affiliate programYes

UI & UX of TopicMojo

clear and user-friendly

Good User-friendly interface.

Easy to understand

Easy to Understand and use.

Upto Date

Always up to date

Free Trail

Free trial available


Question finder from Reddit, Quora, and Google is a very nice feature

Road Map of TopicMojo

TopicMojo is always up to date and releases new features and updates. Here is the TopicMojo road map, you can check what they are working on.

  • Future- Topic headlines & Search listing add-on, Saved lists, Custom branding are the future features.
  • Up next – Languages are Bahasa, Malay, Romanian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Turkish, etc
  • In progress – Languages Greek, Slovak, Estonian.
  • SEO data add-on and usage functions have been done.

Features of TopicMojo

Here are the features that TopicMojo offers.

Topic Model

With this feature, each user can create a theme template for each product or brand in their niche.

This will greatly help in delivering exactly what the customers and audience are searching for.

You might even identify your consumers’ interests as words like shopping, comparisons, queries, local, and research using the topic modeling tool. When you use the search listening option, your topic might be informed when fresh ideas are made that are related to it.

The Topic Model in itself comes with features that set it apart. Let’s learn about these features as well.


The search trends are represented in the form of graphs. This graph is the search trends estimate as per google trends, through this you can understand the changes. You can also download this data on your phone or desktop.

Search Volume

TopicMojo LTD Review

It gives you the volume of your topic and data from the last 12 months. You can also analyze the highest and lowest volume of your chosen keywords.


You can easily review the tweets about your topic or the topics in your niche.


You can find the top-rated videos that are ranking for your chosen keywords.

Related Searches & Break Searches

It shows you the most related searches for your keyword along with the breakout searches.

Interest by Subregion

You can find out about all the related topics for your keyword. By this, you can analyze the regional topics that are being searched based on your keyword.

Apart from this, you can also see Queries, SERPS, Forums, Instagram feeds, Pinterest, Tiktok, Tumblr, Linkedin, Amazon, Shopify, News, eBay, etc.

Question Finder

Question finder provides you with a chance to see what questions were asked by people across Google, Reddit, and Quora. This will help you plan your content and ideas accordingly which in turn will help connect with the audience in a better way.

Priority Support:

They are available to you around the clock with priority support to assist and answer your questions.

Search Listener:

You can be the first to cover all the new and recent searches related to your inquiry with the help of a search listener.

You can share reports with others, export your results, configure your domains, create workspaces to organize your study, and store lists of searches.

Find Content from Every Platform with TopicMojo:

We’ve already talked about the fact that videos on your subject are easily accessible. However, there are other options. On every platform, you can locate content related to your topic. You don’t have to log in to each platform to search. Simply visit TopicMojo. You can discover Tweets, Instagram posts, Tiktok videos, and other things there. There is no need for manual searching.

You can find everything using TopicMojo.

Other features of TopicMojo

  • TopicMojo assists you in gaining insight into the niches you should concentrate on by examining what the generalists in your sector are writing about in the field. In addition, it offers several worthwhile topics instead of writing about the apparent.
  • TopicMojo generates schema around items and brands to assist users in finding relevant data for their inquiry. This feature makes it possible to comprehend and arrange large volumes of data.

New Update

Since its introduction, the outline feature has been quite helpful in the process of creating content. It assists you in examining the headings that other ranking pages are using, allowing you to prepare your headings for improved ranking.

TopicMojo Support

The TopicMojo support team is always available. You can reach out to them for any help and assistance related to the tool. Get in touch with them over the mail-

Who should buy TopicMojo

Sales Team

SEO experts


Business owners

Anyone who wants the information or ideas based on the keywords


Digital product sellers

Pricing for TopicMojo

Topic Model500 queries/month
Question Finder500 queries/month
WorkspacesFor each stack 1 workspace
AccountsFor each stack 1 account
Free trialYes
Fetching data50+ Sources
Dynamic shareable linksYes
Saved listsYes
Full export optionscsv & pdf
Outline50 queries/month


  • The depth of research on the subject is much deeper and has increased a lot in 2 years.
  • Search volume data is always up to date.
  • Providing a question finder that is not available in Answer The Public.
  • Constantly introducing updates and keyword relationships to provide a better experience.
  • TopicMojo’s price is very low compared to the Answer The Public.

TopicMojo is all about topic modeling and structuring and offers detailed data, keyword relationships and variations, daily updates, a question tool, and some surprises.

But referral data is a recurring expense for them that is very expensive so they need a recurring monthly/yearly fee to back it up.

Yes, Apart from google search results you will also get question finder data from Reddit, Quora as well. And you can also search the results in different languages.

You will have a 60 day refund period to try the tool for yourself.

Updated search volume data, the Question Finder function, and SEO measures, along with more in-depth topic research.

While their information on search traffic hasn’t changed in the last two years, TopicMojo’s topic research has become much more in-depth. It provides a question finder, similar to AnswerThePublic. The team is constantly upgrading and adding keywords to offer a better experience.

Yes, you will always receive updates and assistance.

Conclusion - TopicMojo Review

TopicMojo is a tool that helps you frame your marketing strategies according to the customer’s choice. This tool is super easy to use and doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge.

No matter what your niche or business is, TopicMojo will help you understand the audience in a better way with Trends, Statistics, Keyword search volumes, etc.

If you are into SEO and already use tools like Answer The Public then TopicMojo is a smart, budget-friendly alternative with a one-time cost. We would definitely recommend this tool and have found it useful and efficient.

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