Top 8 Best Free keyword research tools for YouTube In 2022

Improve your YouTube views with these Free Keyword research tool

5 Mins read | Updated on May 12, 2022.

YouTube is analogous to Google as it employs an algorithm to serve the appropriate videos to the relevant audience.

This ensures that visitors see the material they enjoy and will watch more of it.

Producers of video content should be aware of how YouTube’s algorithm works to implement the appropriate tools to target their intended audience.

Using the perfect keywords can assist the algorithm in recommending your YouTube video to the target audience, increasing the number of subscribers to your channel.

You’ll need to conduct thorough keyword research to optimize your video’s title, tags, descriptions, and transcription.

To make it possible, you can use tools that can ease the job. Let’s look at the top 8 free keyword research tools for youtube.


Best Free keyword research tools for YouTube to Increase traffic

1. Keyword Tool Dominator


By simulating a genuine human user and constantly inputting hundreds of search phrases into YouTube, Keyword Tool Dominator can unlock the Autocomplete feature.

When you enter a search phrase into YouTube, it generates a list of suggestions for what you might be looking for.

After which, Keyword Tool Dominator saves and displays all of these possibilities.

2. Ahrefs


The Ahrefs Keywords Explorer searches over 650 million YouTube keywords.

Part of an all-in-one SEO toolkit, the keyword tool gives search volumes for ten various search engines, including YouTube.

This tool also gives a difficulty score and a “clicks” measure, as well as related search terms that include your keyword.

On the other hand, Keywords Explorer is a little more expensive due to the size of the database.

3. TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy is a Google Chrome browser plugin that works in tandem with YouTube.

It comes with a keyword explorer that aids in the discovery of long-tail phrases that will help you optimize your video for YouTube.

The add-on also does a best practice assessment to ensure that your material adheres to YouTube’s guidelines.

It may propose tags for videos and translate the title and description of your video into different languages.

4. VidIQ


VidIQ is a YouTube keyword research tool that assists producers, businesses, marketers, or bloggers determine the best phrases for their videos.

VidIQ offers a set of YouTube search tools to assist producers in figuring out what their audience is looking for and how they can effectively generate videos for them.

To assist new channels in getting started, VidIQ provides a free package.

This package is simple but includes video analytics. VidIQ also offers three premium options in addition to the basic one.

5.YouTube Keyword Tool


The YouTube Keyword Tool allows you to explore keywords related to your niche and determine which ones to focus on based on the number of times they’re searched for every month.

After all, it is pointless to use keywords that nobody is looking for!

If you’ve already had a lot of videos out there, don’t be scared of going back and optimizing them.

Utilize the YouTube Keyword Tool to study and fine-tune the keywords in your videos, just like you would with a fresh new video.

The tool’s data may be exported to CSV or Excel, allowing you to plan and shortlist keywords for several films.

6. Kparser


You must already be aware of Kparser, a YouTube keyword tool. You can use it to find free YouTube keywords.

This program can help you locate long-tail keywords in any subject and find the top core keywords.

You won’t have to worry about not knowing what keywords to include in the title, description, or tags with the help of Kparser.

When searching for a YouTube term, you may optionally select the country and language.

Remember to use a comma to separate multiple keywords while searching, and this tool can also be beneficial and valuable considering its features and free-of-use option.

7. Keywords Everywhere


Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome & Firefox extension with a unique set of capabilities.

It is not focused on suggesting new terms or tags, and unlike some of the other tools on this list, it is all about cold, complex numbers.

When you search for a phrase on YouTube, you’ll see monthly search volume, CPC, degree of competition, and trend data.

The Search Insights Widget is another fantastic feature that provides extra helpful information for each search conducted.

This data type should give you a solid picture of the competition and your videos belonging to the same niche and industry.


You may be aware of Google Trends, which allows you to track people’s interest in a particular issue. 

However, you may not be aware that it also displays YouTube-specific trends.

To learn more about video-related trends and possibilities, go to “YouTube Search,” Don’t worry because the information comes from Google (who owns YouTube). It is as reliable as it gets.


YouTube video optimization begins even before the video is uploaded on the platform. First, you must compile a list of keywords, titles, and descriptions and then create the video.

To select the most incredible YouTube keyword research tool, you’ll have to sift through various features and pricing packages.

We hope our article gives you the insights you need before purchasing or trying out the tools.

If your goal is to rank high in Google search results, you have to choose the finest keyword research tool for YouTube and get started with your strategies and marketing.

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