Top SEO Tools For Digital Marketers to Increase Traffic in 2022

Best and must have SEO tool for every digital Marketers

5 Mins read | Updated on May 13, 2022.

One of the most effective marketing strategies in digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO).

If done correctly, it can help you improve your search engine results by leaps and bounds and is incredibly successful at generating site traffic, conversions, and income over time.

The critical thing to remember is that SEO must be done correctly.

SEO tools provide you with a detailed view of the nuts and bolts of a website, including aspects that can help you boost your exposure and search engine rankings.

To have the best chance of increasing your results for your unique needs, it’s critical to understand how each SEO tool performs.

You can obtain decent results with their free SEO analysis, but as with most things, you can get the most outstanding results only with their commercial services.

Many services provide free trials, so you can try them out before making a purchase.

So, here is a list of the finest SEO tools online, both free and paid, to utilize for your digital marketing activities. Let’s get started.


A detailed about all of the Top SEO Tools For Digital Marketers

1. SEMRush


SEMRush is one of the most common choices for digital marketers amongst the other SEO marketing tools.

Experts adore Semrush as it makes it simple to analyze the rankings and spot adjustments and new chances.

The Domain Vs Domain study, which allows you to compare your website to that of your rivals, is one of the most popular aspects of this SEO tool. 

You will be able to compare terms and domains if you’re seeking analytics reports to assist you in better understanding your website’s search results, traffic, or even your rivals.

The On-Page SEO Checking tool makes it simple to keep track of your rankings and get advice on enhancing your site’s performance.

2. MOZ Pro


According to the MOZ Pro website, Moz Pro is “the proven, all-in-one SEO toolset” that will give you SEO solutions for all of your needs, allowing you to achieve success.

Site audits, rank monitoring audits, site crawling, backlink tracking, keyword research, and more are just some of the many tools that Moz Pro offers.

When you sign up for Moz Pro, you will get complete access to MozBar (a Chrome SEO toolbar), keyword tracking across various search engines, SEO analytics, one-on-one walkthroughs, and a 24-hour help desk.

3. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is the best tool for backlink analysis. Because of its large index size and precision with which it delivers data, it is the favored backlink analytical tool of the top marketing and SEO specialists.

Ahrefs claims to have the world’s largest active backlink database (16 trillion links) and a crawler that scans up to 6 billion web pages every day.

It also features a user-friendly interface, which adds to its reputation as a high-quality SEO tool.

Ahrefs has grown into a comprehensive marketing toolset over the last few years, with different tools for targeted keywords, site audits, and content.

However, Ahrefs is best known for Site Explorer, a backlink checker and organic research tool that provides an in-depth look at any website or URL’s organic search performance and backlink profile.

4. SpyFu


SpyFu, formerly known as GoogSpy, is a valuable SEO tool that supplies both organic and sponsored keywords of any company’s peers.

This tool will be helpful to any SEO practitioner who needs information regarding the competitors and their strategies. 

Knowing what phrases to tackle and how to remain ahead of your competition is incredibly beneficial.

The SEO competition analysis, Google ad competitors, domain comparisons, backlink checker, and endless searches are all included in this SEO monitoring program.

It’s a simple keyword recommendation tool that can show you where you can outrank your competition.

5.SEO PowerSuite


SEO PowerSuite is a multipurpose SEO toolkit composed of four separate SEO tools that allow you to accomplish virtually any SEO task.

You can, for example, inspect your site for any on-page or technical concerns, manage backlinks, perform keyword research, and check your rankings in real-time.

SEO PowerSuite also allows you to keep track of your SERP rivals’ activities so you’re always aware of what they’re up to.


Traditional SEO tactics like those previously described help perform research and audits when your site is well established.

But what if you are starting a new business and want to know what others are researching regarding prominent sectors, subjects, and ideas? Google Trends is a fantastic tool for uncovering untapped potential and generating an extensive keyword landscape for your site.

You should also be aware that Google Trends does not provide detailed data.

This tool works best when you use it as a compass to guide your SEO strategy and combine the results with more powerful tools like HubSpot’s SEO Marketing Tool.



Tend is an SEO tool that acts as a private investigator. It keeps track of your visitors’ actions both on and off your site.

Tend’s premise is that you can convert more leads into customers if you can identify your customers’ patterns and triggers.

You’ll be able to see who your website’s customers are and how they arrived at your site if you use Tend. Then you’ll be able to see which marketing efforts are resulting in conversions.

8. Ubersuggest


Online company owners may use reverse engineering tactics with Ubersuggest to generate more site visitors.

This SEO marketing solution includes a domain search tool that may be used to see what works well for the competitors.

Ubersuggest helps businesses learn about their rivals’ practices and get a competitive advantage in their marketplaces.

It includes reports that help businesses provide better content to website visitors and increase the number of subscribers.

Paid and unpaid difficulty measurements, site audit facilities, keyword tracker, keyword and content idea producers, keyword search volume analysis, and backlink analysis are some of the primary elements of this tool.

It is excellent for beginners as well as professionals.


Nobody knows where SEO will go in the future. But one thing is sure: as a small business, getting your website to rank at the top of SERP for your desired keywords is the prime objective.

Each of the tools mentioned above is robust, loaded with features, and completely free to use.

You can check them out and decide the one that best suits you and your requirements. 

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