Top 9 Best Apps For Student Productivity In 2022

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5 Mins read | Updated on May 12, 2022.

It is no surprise that college life is hectic, and students struggle to complete their day-to-day to-do lists.

Students have often been witnessed driving themselves to achieve the best possible balance between their academic, personal, and social lives.

Trying to generate additional time in a day wears them out, even though they should optimize their time between courses, internships, and extracurricular activities.

And to make it easy for students, many applications can be used for completing chores systematically and making progress towards an orderly existence in our digital age, when smartphones and tablets act as a comprehensive resource.


A detailed about all of the Best Apps For Student Productivity

1. Todoist


There are various methods you can employ to keep records of all that you need to finish.

Sticky notes & scribbles in a notepad, on the other hand, can only go you so far.

With Todoist in the digital world, you’ll be constantly aware of your activities on any device, no matter what platform you’re using.

It is absolutely free of cost and perfectly meets the needs of the students.

2. Cold Turkey


This one’s for you if you find yourself getting sidetracked. We have tried this app on our browser and can attest that it works.

Cold Turkey allows you to choose a timer during which selected websites will be turned off or prohibited by completely blocking your access to them until the completion of the countdown.

If necessary, you can even ban the entire internet.

3. OneNote


OneNote is a digital note-taking program that allows you to create notebooks to organize your thoughts.

You can type them or handwrite them (on a tablet). You can even include photographs, drawings, and doodles. It is also possible to capture audio notes as well. 

It has a search bar, color coding choices, and to-do lists, among other features that make learning simpler.

You can use tags to highlight portions of the document that you don’t understand or significant points on the exam.

4. Scrivener


Evernote and other similar apps are fantastic for collecting notes and writing short articles, but what if you’re writing a novel, play, or another lengthy document?

Scrivener is the application to acquire if you want to perform serious writing. It’s jam-packed with features designed specifically for long-form writers.

The ability to focus on individual areas and a digital “corkboard” for experimenting with scene/chapter layouts are notable features. It is worth a shot for writers or content developers.



On this list, is the most basic task management solution. It is a simple design that tells you what you need to accomplish daily to feel overwhelmed. leads you through a “daily review” at the start of the day, where you determine what you want to do on that particular day and what you want to put off until later. also has a native Google Apps integration which lets you use a Chrome plugin to add to-dos to Gmail, while the Android app will even ask for your input, like whether you have any action items after you leave a Google Calendar meeting.

All in all, it is a great tool to use for regular activities.

6. Forest


The Forest app is a creative technique to get you to stop looking at your phone. You download the application and plant a seed whenever you want to begin a time of intense focus.

Then you leave your phone on the table. You’ll get a reward if you wait long enough: your seed will develop into a tree.

On the other hand, your tree will perish if you succumb to the temptation of checking Facebook. Isn’t that new and exciting? 

If you keep using the app correctly, you’ll soon have an entire forest of trees. What’s the best part?

The Forest Men use your in-app success to plant real trees worldwide.

7. Quizlet


Flashcards are well-known for helping students retain crucial material for examinations, and Quizlet allows you to make your own or learn using existing flashcards created by other students.

It also provides feedback on areas that can be improved, as well as a game called Match, in which you compete against the clock.

There are around 220,000 study sets to pick from, and their functionalities are offered in 18 languages. Now, That’s fun.

8. Neuro Active


Neuro App is another fantastic tool that combines supplementary games with daily practice sessions to improve brain memory.

It helps you stay concentrated on your activities and expands your brain’s thinking abilities, allowing you to come up with various solutions to an issue.

It is focused on a professional training strategy that has been scientifically verified to boost your brain’s ability by 3-4%.

You can also track your development every week using real-time artificial intelligence statistics to picture better how far you’ve come.

9. Google Drive


A student’s biggest nightmare is to finish a 10,000-word dissertation only to lose it due to a power outage.

For this reason, cloud storage software is a must. While iCloud and OneDrive may function similarly, they have their constraints.

iCloud is fantastic if you use Apple products, but it does not work for Android users. Google Drive is just plain more straightforward to use than Microsoft OneDrive.

Google Drive makes it easier to save and access all your files from your laptop or phone.

It doesn’t matter if they’re images, Documents, or digital textbooks.

Even if you prefer Pdf files to Google Doc files, Google provides fantastic applications for editing your papers via the Google Docs suite.


Getting ahead does not require devoting more time to a task. You can accomplish all that by managing your schedule and time effectively.

These applications can help you stay organized and manage your time more precisely.

Maintaining a timetable can help you achieve your objectives and find a way to work smarter, not harder. In addition to that, these tools can help you get your everyday tasks done.

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