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5 Mins read | Updated on May 11, 2022.

Leads are the key to a solid and successful business. They shape the business’s future by converting to sales that can later be monetized.

A  majority of the top-rated real estate lead generating providers promise unique real estate leads.

This is an essential feature since it ensures that your leads are not shared with other agents, avoiding excessive rivalry and overlap.

Let’s look at the best 8 real estate lead-generating platforms discussed in detail.


Complete list of Best Lead Generators For Real Estate

1. Zoho CRM


Zoho is our #1 social media lead generating platform as it can simply take leads from Facebook and Twitter and extract the same from sites and emails.

It was established in 1996 and is utilized by various industries such as real estate, small enterprises, and retail.

It has a free trial and allows you to track opportunities throughout the sales cycle.

It includes an app, live assistance and training, conferences, marketing tools, and lead monitoring, as well as the ability to track the competitors.

It can also assist you in managing your lead pipeline when done. Customers can contact customer service for assistance in setting up and using webinars and online courses.

The firm provides a variety of support plan alternatives.

2. Market Leader


Depending on your market, the Market Leader price starts at $139 a month + $25 or more per lead.

Market Leader uses an ad agency technique to produce real estate leads by advertising the targeted locations where your prospects are currently spending their time.

Market Leader’s landing page (for seller leads) or a specifically branded, IDX search-enabled site are linked in these advertisements (for buyer leads).

Once a lead submits their information, it is instantly entered into Market Leader’s CRM system (or wherever you specify), and you are in charge of nurturing and conversion.

3. Google My Business


Google My Business is one of the most effective ways to get real estate leads.

You can establish an online profile for your business that will display relevant search results using Google My Business.

These search results will, in most situations, contain a local intent, such as “real estate agent in phoenix, az.”

Google My Business, unlike many other real estate lead-generating services, has no drawbacks.

Set up a profile for your business or claim one that already exists. Then begin by adding important information about your staff and services to it.

4. Zurple


Zurple is one of the most significant real estate lead generation firms, offering a complete end-to-end lead collecting solution for your real estate company.

Zurple’s procedure begins with the introduction of house search websites. For each location or industry that you work in inside your city, you can have up to ten of these websites.

Your branding is directly applied to these websites.

Zurple also offers the ability to acquire unique search engine marketing support to assist you in collecting leads.

This service assures that your house search website advertisements put it at the top of Search engines such as Google.



Offrs is a real estate marketing platform that uses predictive analytics to link real estate agents with asset sellers.

It includes automated marketing, configurable email templates, and territory-based lead searches.

It’s a very specialized platform that analyses over 230 homeowner data points to identify houses that are likely to go on the market in the near year.

It doesn’t deal with buyer prospects or the more granular components of lead or flow management. 

It is a territory-based land search that includes an interactive map and a simple ZIP code-based method for generating bespoke territories and automated marketing that contacts potential sellers by email, voice, direct mail, and internet advertising.

6. SmartZip


SmartZip is the industry leader in predictive analytics. While other organizations look for leads that have been previously sold, SmartZip majorly focuses on forecasting and identifying the ones that have the most significant potential to sell.

Choose a geographic location, and SmartZip will build a list of people who are more likely to sell their homes in the next 12 months using its algorithm.

You can additionally predict when someone tries to sell with SmartZip.

Once SmartZip has provided you with this valuable information, you can handle your marketing or leave it to SmartZip.

Its comprehensive suite of marketing strategies can help reduce the time so you can focus on your prospects and customers.

7. Zillow


Zillow has recently faced backlash from the real estate agent community for various reasons, including a) becoming a buyer, purchasing a mortgage company, and admitting to ranking.

Zillow-owned properties are higher than listings fed by real estate agents, but irrespective of all the accusations, Zillow still receives a lot of traffic leading up to the increase in leads.

Zillow employs a concierge-style approach, in which the customer is connected to the agent who subscribes to their leads.

This is critical since getting in touch with internet leads is half the battle, and interacting with them right away is a tremendous advantage.

This does not, however, prevent Zillow from passing along the lead to other agents, even if they deny it.

You can give it a try, but better alternatives can be used for the same lead generation purpose.



REDX offers agents a range of real estate leads, including for sale by owner (FSBO), preforeclosure, GeoLeads, outdated, and rent by owner (FRBO).

The pre-foreclosure leads given by REDX might help agents that specialize in foreclosures or have expertise with foreclosure deals.

Note that the nature of these leads necessitates the usage of a real estate agent with prior expertise prospecting for business over the phone.


You might use various real estate lead-generating strategies in your marketing plan.

However, if you don’t have a simple way of tracking, maintaining, and working your leads, you’re compromising your hard work in vain. 

It’s too easy to overlook sending a follow-up email or losing track of where your prospect is in the sales funnel.

You have a much higher chance of creating stronger relationships with your leads and capitalizing on your most significant opportunities if you can keep information from slipping through the cracks.

We hope this article will help you analyze and pick the right company or platform for your business.

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