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SEO tools that helps you to spy your competitor traffic

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It’s essential to conduct one!

By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your own business or client, you’ll gain valuable insights into the trends within your niche. This will help you plan and organize your search engine optimization strategy in the right direction.


In this article, you’ll come across the best SEO tools to analyze competitor sites. Continue scrolling to learn more about Search engine optimization and competitor analysis.

Find Your Competitor

The first thing to determine is your competitors. Find out who you are competing with and what better ways you can implement to up your SEO game.  

Although it may seem simple, it is quite a task. Note that your most significant market rival needn’t necessarily be your most formidable SEO opponent.

If you rely on your intuition to determine which competitors you’re competing with, you’re more likely to be in the same position. 

Large companies tend to concentrate on the most lucrative keywords and frequently overlook the long-tail keywords that permit smaller companies to dominate a specific market segment. 

You can better your SEO tactics and tricks through regular SEO comparisons.

Frequently study your competitors and skillfully master your strategies. Always pay close attention to the best 10-20 websites that rank for your niche or domain.

What Is SEO Competitor Analysis?

The competitive analysis also refers to SEO competitor analysis. It is a highly effective research strategy to aid your site in ranking higher and getting more traffic. 

A few benefits of SEO competitor analysis are given below. 

It helps you analyze what strengths and weaknesses your website has compared to that of your competitors.

Additionally, it helps increase conversions by identifying SEO opportunities you might not otherwise have access to.

SEO competitor analysis assists in researching competition to create an accurate and precise SEO plan of action.

A competitor analysis of your website allows you to analyze your business as a brand’s position in the marketplace.

It assists you in understanding more ways to rank higher. You can analyze the elements that can help you dominate the highlighted snippets of the related search

An extensive SEO competitor analysis offers you the opportunity to see your competitor’s activities in detail.

A successful SEO strategy for analyzing your competition could also be helpful in this area.

Analyzing Competitors Helps to Answer Questions Such as:

• Who are my real SEO rivals?
• What subjects should you discuss?
• Where do you look for links?
• What should you do to outdo my competition?

There are various ways to analyze the competition to use for SEO.

The Best SEO tool for competitor site analysis

Analyzing competitors is a broad term that includes numerous sub-processes and methodologies. It is a time-consuming process recommended to be reserved for certain occasions when you’re designing the entire campaign.

However, the process of conducting a comprehensive, thorough analysis every day would give you long-lasting results

Keywords, content along technical SEO are fundamental factors in search engine optimization. There are mainly 3 kinds of competitive analysis, they are:

Analysis of content from SEO competitors
Analysis of backlink profiles of competitors
Analysis of competitor’s technical SEO

What is the Best SEO Tool to Analyze Competitor Sites?

There are many tools in the market that are used exclusively for SEO but not all of them work efficiently. 

Out of the many options and tools, we would recommend Ahrefs. Ahrefs is the best SEO tool to analyze competitor sites. Let’s study it in detail.


Ahrefs is a tool that has numerous SEO applications. It is definitely the best tool for competitive analysis as it gives you the ability to research your competitors by accessing their backlinks from their organic traffic.

This tool can help you identify content gaps between yourself and your competitors. You can also get details on the competitors’ PPC campaigns, targeted keywords, and landing pages.

Here are the features of Ahrefs

Utilizing Ahrefs to Analyze Competitor Data

Ahrefs does a fantastic job of showing you your competitors’ traffic value and organic research and what referring domains they have so that you can use it as a strategy to build links for yourself. A tool like Ahrefs can look at a supplier’s top organic keywords.

Analyzing Content Graphs with Ahrefs

The Ahrefs Content Gap tool is excellent for figuring out what keywords/topics your competitors are using.

It tells you which content has clicked with the readers and is trending in the market. It helps you come up with new content ideas and strategies for service pages and websites.  

It also acts as a great source of blog themes that will help you create material around low-complexity keywords that your competitors are presently ranking for.

Identifying Your Top Content Competitors.

Start by identifying your top three content competitors (domains that rank on the 1st page in the search engines for your targeted keywords).

You can also use the Content Gap tool to identify all the keywords that the competitors are ranking for to change your strategies accordingly. 

Do you wanna know a simple trick? 

When you filter the list of keywords that you have prepared according to relevance and search traffic, you’ll be surprised to know that there will be about a hundred new keywords that you can incorporate into generating new content ideas for the future.”

Utilizing Ahrefs to Explore Top-Ranked Page

The Top Pages report from Ahrefs is another amazing feature that most marketers rely on.

Factors like which pages are ranking for what keywords give you an estimation of the traffic they get and the quality and quantity of backlinks they have.

It also informs you about the keyword difficulty and density for all the keywords that your competitors rank for.

Using the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

This feature helps you unfold an enormous amount of information and possibilities to address both off-page and on-page SEO optimization.

By using Keyword Explorer, you can discover relevant search terms that are ranking on the top  and can incorporate or target the exact keywords in your own website

Utilizing Ahrefs Analyzer of Link Gaps

Ahrefs also comes with a feature known as the Link Gap Analysis report. It is highly advisable to use Ahrefs to conduct a link gap analysis.

It gives you valuable information about backlinks and tells you where your competitors are gaining quality links from.

It also gives you a clear idea as to which sites or domains you can compete with for the process of link building for your site. 

For link-building, you can use Ahrefs’ backlink profile to analyze how your competitors are acquiring quality do-follow links.

You can have their domains in Site Explorer which will give you access to their backlinks that you in turn can use for your site. This will save up your time and energy.

More Competitor Analysis Tools and Why Do We Need Them?

Tools for analyzing competitors are marketing tools designed to make researching and analyzing competitors’ websites easier for you.

There are many competitive analysis tools and marketing techniques available. Whether or not you want to use these tools for your site depends totally on you but as a professional marketer, I would highly recommend using the tools.  

Picking the right type of tool for the right type of research is crucial. So, in addition to Ahrefs, we will also provide a list of alternatives that are available and widely used by most Digital marketing companies and agencies. 

What Is The Right Time to Perform The SEO Study of Your Competitor?

Your SEO performance isn’t solitary and is always akin to that of your competitors. Also, it isn’t static. 

With the constant algorithmic changes to search engines and new competitors coming along, you can never fully relax with the SEO tasks and duties.

Monitoring your competitors regularly will help you better your SEO strategies and will allow you to identify areas where you can improve your ranking before it is adversely impacted.

Here are some of the most important and mandatory factors that should be followed when conducting the SEO competitive analysis.

1. Content Writing

Content is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. More than half of the marketing professionals have agreed that content is a dominating factor of SEO.

Good and quality content will ensure that your site can satisfy user intention more wholly and effectively than your competition.

2. Plan Content

Reviewing the strategies of your competitors well and then applying your spin on them is a fantastic method of gaining relevant search engine exposure.

You can also use the SEO analysis of competitors to understand the trending topics that you can potentially rank for.

3. Getting your website to Rank In the SERPs

Always analyze your competitors and find out what they are doing differently to rank in the SERPs.

Competitive research is one of the main things to do if you want to grow and rank your site as well.

Optimize and upgrade your on-page and off-page SEO activities on a regular basis as SEO is a never-ending process but the results it gives you are Oh, so sweet!


Analyzing competitors is a highly effective research strategy to aid your site in ranking better and on top of the SERP.

Monitoring your competitors regularly will also allow you to identify areas in your niche that can be improved.  

There is not one but many benefits that competitor analysis can do for your website and business. SEO in itself is an ongoing process that requires close attention and work. 

Following proper SEO strategies and tactics will not only put you ahead of the competition but will also get you the leads and sales you are hoping for.

We hope this article helped you understand the importance of competitor analysis and the best tool that is recommended to achieve the same.

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