TidyCal Appsumo LTD Review

3 Mins read | Updated on March 7th, 2022.

Despite having access to many online meeting platforms, we somehow still struggle to schedule and successfully arrange meetings.

I’m sure you have faced it too. Are you looking for a good alternative to plan your meetings without the constant fuss and hurry? We have a solution for you. There’s an amazing tool called TidyCal.  You can use TidyCal to easily schedule meetings across your calendar. This was launched by the very famous Appsumo.

A detailed TidyCal Appsumo LTD Review

What is Tidycal ?

TidyCal is an automated meeting schedule software that helps you schedule and arranges meetings efficiently and easily. You can connect your calendars to TidyCal and book meetings avoiding any kind of clashes in the plans. It is a super simple and basic tool. You can book new appointments easily without any conflict. 

Pros and Cons of Tidycal


  • User-friendly and an easy tool

  • Easy to schedule meetings

  • Awesome site embeds

  • Affordable pricing

  • Lifetime deal offer availability

  • You can connect multiple calendars with TidyCal

  • You can integrate all google calendar.

  • 60-days money back guarantee


  • Continuous upgrades which can lead to potential bugs

  • No private links

  • Master calendar is not available

Tidycal Reviews

Since the time it launched, many people from various working backgrounds have tried and tested the software. Most of them loved the interface and have found it to be extremely useful. Let’s check out a few Tidycal reviews from the users themselves.

Tidycal Alternatives

Let’s compare Tidycal with Calendly

Tidycal vs Calendly

PlatformsWebMobile App (Android, IOS)& Web
TrainingDocumentsDocuments, videos
BrandingOnly in free planCan’t remove
Lifetime DealYesNO
Price$29 LTD$8-$12 per month

About the Tidycal Company

Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)
Launched byAppsumo
Number of startups launched1k
PresidentAyman Al-Abdullah
Affiliate programYes

UI & UX of Tidycal

Easy to understand

Easy to understand and learn.


Calendar integration can done in a minute


Simple design and easy to use

UI is Good

Simple user interface

Features of Tidycal

Here are the features of Tidycal

Instant creation:

TidyCal makes it super easy to schedule the meetings without worrying about the timings or links.

With TidyCal, you will not have to send multiple emails or email requests to schedule a meeting. Your only responsibility would be to pick and schedule the meeting time. You can choose and create a booking type based on your requirements.

TidyCal Appsumo LTD Review


This is definitely one of the interesting features of TidyCal. It lets you customize your bookings. You can customize your bookings according to your brand type or business.

Isn’t that super convenient?

TidyCal Appsumo LTD Review customisation

Confirmation Emails:

TidyCal makes sure the user has a good experience for the entirety of the process. Whenever people book or schedule a meeting, you will automatically be updated about it via email. You will receive a confirmation email stating the details and information about the meeting. 

These booking reminders get sent to the attendees 24 hours prior to the meeting as well as 1 hour before the meeting.

404 Disabled pages:

This feature of TidyCal is highly beneficial and needed. TidyCal offers a  404 feature for disabled booking pages. The booking pages that have expired or been deactivated by you automatically get detected by the 404 feature. Nobody will be able to locate or see the disabled pages, avoiding confusion.


TidyCal lets you add a booking page widget to your home screen that can be enabled directly on your website. You can also use the links from the articles or buttons on your website. You can easily embed a booking page widget directly on your website so anyone can easily communicate with you or contact you.

Rescheduling and canceling meetings:

This is another handy feature that is really useful for everyone. You can cancel a meeting or even reschedule it according to your availability.

 Don’t you worry, it will automatically notify the other participants about the changes via a confirmation email.

Time Gaps:

Oftentimes, it becomes difficult to take a break during meetings. TidyCal, being the convenient software that it is, automatically schedules a break time or small rest periods between meetings. 


Tidycal Support

Since Tidycal is a product of Appsumo, it majorly manages and handles the queries as well. If you need any support or help regarding TidyCal, you can directly contact appsumo.

Their operating business hours are Monday- Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM CDT. however, you can contact them whenever you need to.

They usually respond in 1-2 business days. In case you want to join as a partner with appsumo then you will be required to reach out to them directly at partners@appsumo.com.

Who should buy Tidycal

Project managers

Marketing agencies


Sales teams

Who wants stress-free way to schedule meetings

Educational institutions

Pricing for Tidycal

10 calendar connectionsYes
Free & paid meetingsYes
Reduced brandingYes
Lifetime AccessYes

FAQ’s about Tidycal

Tidycal support English language.

TidyCal integrates with Apple Business Chat, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google, Mailifier, Microsoft 365, Zapier, and Zoom.

Tidycal will work for all types of users like, small business, freelancers, entrepreneurs,project managers etc.

Yes, ofcourse. There is a TidyCal roadmap available as they constantly up their game. You can get a better insight at – https://appsumooriginals.helpscoutdocs.com/article/1166-whats-the-tidycal-roadmap

You can connect to Zapier in the integrations tab and add automations to your TidyCal account.


There are many online platforms for meetings and tasks that have come up in the past few years. However, people prefer TidyCal over the others as it is extremely organized and dedicated to its purpose. Tidycal fulfills its responsibilities as a meeting scheduler and booking software.

It is so easy and impressive. Everyone can use it for their work without having to worry about technicalities. Scheduling meetings according to your convenience and that too, without worrying about the need to send over the link to every individual participant is amazing.

TidyCal in so many ways holds a superior authority over the other platforms in the market. It not only reduces your burden by handling a majority of the meeting-related tasks but also does it accurately.

TidyCal is definitely one of the best booking solutions in the market. Joining, scheduling, arranging, and attending meetings can now be done easily and efficiently with TidyCal. It does have its drawbacks that the team constantly works on upgrading but all in all, we would definitely give TidyCal a big thumbs up. 

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