Serveravatar Review 2022

7 Mins read | Updated on March 3, 2022.

What is Serveravatar, and how does it help you manage your cloud Servers? If yes, then you landed in the correct place.

This detailed Serveravatar review will help you know what Serveravatar is and how it works. Moreover, I will also give you complete information about the service Serveravatar offers and its exclusive feature.

So without further delay, let’s dive into the topic and find whether Serveravatar is worth buying, especially in 2022?

A detailed Serveravatar Review

What is Serveravatar?

A Serveravatar is a Server Management System that allows you to set up and manage your WordPress and PHP websites hosted on the cloud hosting platforms. A few clouds hosting Serveravatar support are Digitalocean, Vultr and AWS Lightsail.

What does Serveravatar do?

ServerAvatar provides you with a control panel that helps you configure the Server, manage and host multiple websites with a single server, efficiently manage services like Apache, MySQL, and many more.

Why ServerAvatar?

You might have this question in your mind as to why ServerAvatar? And how does it help you?

Let me explain the advantage of using ServerAvatar.

  • If you are a blogger, a digital marketer or a developer, you might not know how to configure a VPS/VM server with your WordPress hosting or a PHP website.

However, with the help of ServerAvatar, you can do it with ease without any coding knowledge.

  • ServerAvatar allows you to manage multiple websites within a single control panel. It might be your PHP website or a WordPress website.

  • ServerAvatar also allows you to monitor your entire Server, like when the Server has downtime, which Server is using more resources and many more, which we will further explain in-depth.

Serveravatar Review

People have used ServerAvatar and most of them found it to be extremely useful. We have attached a few reviews of ServerAvatar users’ views and how they helped them manage their business.

serveravatar review 1
serveravatar review 2
serveravatar review 3

Serveravatar alternatives

Here are a few alternatives to ServerSvatar.

About Serveravatar Company

Website official website
FoundersAdarsh Sojitra
Founded in2016
Domain age6 years
Registered till2022
Active Facebook members1,015
Social Media ProfilesFacebook, Twitter
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Free TrialStart Now at $10

Serveravatar Features

I have segregated the features into five sections for a better understanding. Here are the features ServerAvatar offers.

Here are the features of Serveravatar

Server Management Features

These are the features that will help you manage your Server with ServerAvatar.

Server Configuration in 5 Minutes

ServerAvatar allows you to configure your Server in 3 simple clicks which will take approximately 5 minutes of your time. ServerAvatar automatically optimizes your Server with all the necessary packages required to host your website.

serveravatar review

Multiple sites on a single VPS/VM/Server

ServerAvatar features the ability to host multiple sites on a single server. So if you have a limited budget and want to run various websites, then ServerAvatar would be the best fit for you.

It works both on PHP as well as WordPress.

Live Server Resource Usage Information

With the help of Live server resources usage Information, you can monitor your server health, and you can also check which website is using more server space and optimize accordingly.

Moreover, you can also refresh the stats with a single click to check the latest data.

Create Servers directly from ServerAvatar

It allows you to integrate VPS/VM directly from your ServerAvatar, where you can create or delete a server directly from your ServerAvatar panel.

Custom PHP-CLI Version

ServerAvatar allows you to upgrade and degrade the PHP version directly from your c-Panel. So if your website doesn’t perform with a specific version of PHP, you can easily upgrade it with a single click.

Service Management

The service management option allows you to manage your services like Apache, MySQL, PHP, and many others where you can push, restart or stop them whenever required. Moreover, you can check the detailed information of each service’s ram and CPU usages (If you are running multiple websites).

Easy System User Management

User management is one of the best features the ServerAvatar offers you. This feature allows you to give specific access to your users. So, for example, if you have two websites and you want to allow one of your users to access a single website, you can do that directly from the user management option.

Cronjob/Crontab Management

ServerAvatar offers you features like CronJob, which is mainly used to schedule tasks like server maintenance, educating some specific commands, and much other stuff.

Additionally, ServerAvatar offers you two options: you can either schedule the CronJob management from the already existing list or create your own list.

Server Resource Usage Alerts

This feature is one of my favorites where you get a direct Email notification on your registered email id in case the Server crosses a specific resource usage threshold.

For example, if your two websites are hosted on the same server, and one of them has high disk usage in that scenario, it notifies you.

Site/Application Management Features

These features allow you to manage on the application/site level.

Automatic WordPress Installation

As you all know, in today’s world, almost 40% of websites are hosted on WordPress, and if you are a blogger and looking to start your website, this feature will help you in many ways. It helps you to set up your website in just 10 minutes.

Automatic/Custom SSL Certificates

This feature allows you to install a free SSL certificate on your websites just in a few seconds. You don’t have to pay any additional charges for that.

Moreover, it also makes your website secure. As you all know, Google has already confirmed a website with SSL has much opportunity to rank on google over the site that doesn’t have SSL.

Custom Webroot for Custom PHP sites

This feature is the game-changer for developers working with the Laravel framework. It allows you to set a custom webroot while developing your application on the Server.

Multiple Application Domains

This feature is for limited users. So, if you want to host multiple sites with multiple domains on the same server, this option allows you to do the same. Let’s understand it with an example.

If you have a website named and a subdomain website with the name of, then it is pretty tough to host bot sites on the same server, but with ServerAvatar you can host the bot website with the same Server without any conflict.

Multiple PHP Versions

ServerAvatar is compatible with all of the PHP versions. Moreover, you can easily upgrade it to the latest PHP version with a simple click whenever there is an update.

Custom Application PHP Settings

This ServerAvater feature allows you to downgrade or set a specific PHP version to your website. So in case, your website doesn’t perform properly, you can easily select the PHP version to the previous one.

Automatic or Manual Backups

ServerAvater allows you to create your website instant backup that saves all the work you have done on the site and saves your time. Most of the other services also have the Backup feature, which only offers automatic backup, but with Serveravatar, you can also do a manual backup.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay extra fees for this feature. It’s free with ServerAvatar, and trust me, the feature makes your work life so easy.

Temporary Domains by ServerAvatar

The name of the feature defines its work. Yes, you guessed it right. This feature allows you to access your site on a temporary domain name.

So in case, your site is under maintenance, or you are migrating your website from one hosting to another, this feature allows you to host your website on a temporary domain name.

Isn’t it cool?

Enable/Disable Sites

This is one of the rarest features you get on any other platform, but Serveravatart gives you the power to disable the website if you want to or enable it when needed.

Database Management Features

These features allow you to manage on the database level.

MySQL Database Management

ServerAvatar installs and configures MySQL as a default on the Server. Moreover, with Serveravatar, you can create as many databases as you need on a server.

If you are not aware of MySQL, then as a small introduction, I can say it’s one of the world’s most popular software used to create a database where all of your files are stored.

Quick PHPMyAdmin Access

As I already said earlier, you can limit a user’s access as per your need. However, as this feature is not available by default on ServerAvatar so if you want that feature, you can enable it with the help of Quick PHPMyAdmin access.

Remote Database Access

The feature helps you manage or run your database on a specific server. So in case, you have such a requirement where you want to run the database with a particular server, you can use this feature.

Monitoring Features

These features allow you to manage efficiently on the monitoring level.

Server Health Monitoring

This feature of ServerAvatar lets you monitor the usages of RAM, the Server Load, and disk usage.

These options are available under one umbrella where you can easily monitor them. Moreover, you can set the custom alerts to notify you whenever any specific resource exceeds the limit.

Server Load Monitoring

This feature works the same as the Health Monitoring feature works. The only difference is that it works on the application usage level whereas this option works on Server based.

Uptime Monitoring

Not many platforms offer this feature. This feature monitors the uptime and downtime of a server. It generates a chart. You can check the downtime and the uptime of your server conveniently.

So whenever your site goes down, you can check with your hosting provider to fix the downtime issue as it might affect your website traffic.

Security Features

ServerAvatar has multiple features to protect your server from hackers and cyberpunks. Here are a few security features that it offers.

Regular Security Updates

ServerAvatar runs a regular security update to patch the bugs. The security update time is 24 hours by default, where it automatically updates the security.

Two-Factor Authentication

Similar to your emails and other applications, ServerAvatar also has the option to enable Two-Factor Authentication.

So, once you enable this feature, whenever you try to log in to your dashboard or perform manual data backup, you would be required to enter your credentials along with the OTP.

Secure Communication between Servers

ServerAvatar assures the communication between the microserver and the main server with SSL/TLS hence making your website more secure.

List of servers Serveravatar Supports

The only requirement to use the ServerAvatar platform is that the service must support Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, or Ubuntu 20.04 OS.

However, ServerAvatar supports a few popular Cloud services like Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Amazon Lightsail.

Platform Serveravatar support for Backup

The four platforms ServerAvatar offers for databack are Wasabi, Google Drive, Dropbox, and S3 Bucket. The S3 bucket is nothing but a public cloud storage resource available in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Who should buy Serveravatar?

Internet marketers





Pricing for Serveravatar

All the features listed above are available with ServerAvatar for just $2.36/month/server, and if you go with the Pro version, you will have to pay $4.72.month/server.

I have listed the services you get with the basic plan and the services you get with the Pro plan.

Unlimited Applications/SitesEverything From Newbie Plan +
WordPress Auto-InstallerServer Load Monitor
Automatic SSL CertificatesCronjob Management
Install Custom SSL CertificateMySQL Query Monitor
Secure PHPMyAdmin AccessCustom Server Resource Usage Alerts
MySQL Database ManagementAdvanced Log Viewer
Set Custom PHP-CLI VersionCustom PHP Settings
Simple Firewall (On/Off)Service Management
Multiple Application DomainsEnable/Disable Applications/Sites
Server Health MonitorApplication Uptime Monitoring
Basic Log ViewerRemote Database Access
System User ManagementAdvanced Firewall Management
SSH Access ManagementCustom Webroot
Multiple PHP VersionsWordPress With Remote Database
Automatic/Manual BackupsFile Manager
Temporary Domains For Migration Or TestingGit Deployments (Coming Soon)
Server Health MonitorOpenlitespeed
High Priority Support

FAQ’s about Serveravatar

Yes, you can easily host as many sites as you want on a single server.

No, ServerAvatar will provide you with free SSL Certificates.

Yes, once you buy the lifetime deal of ServerAvatar, you will get updates and support for a lifetime.

100% it’s worth buying as you will get many features with a small price tag.

No, Server avatar is a platform that can help you manage your cloud hosting with ease with all the features mentioned above, but it doesn’t provide hosting.

I personally use Digital Ocean as the hosting provider.


After reading this detailed ServerAvatar review, we hope you have a clear picture of what ServerAvatar is and how you can use it to manage your business.

Now, to answer the million-dollar question – Is ServerAvatar worth buying?

The answer is Yes, it is. ServerAvatar is completely worth the purchase.

With a small price tag, it offers you many features that the other platforms don’t. They will charge you more than ServerAvatar is offering at the moment. 

Lastly, we hope you’ve enjoyed the article. If you have any further queries about ServerAvatar, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below.

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