Publer io Review 2022

Is it Better than Hootsuite, Buffer, and SocialBee?

5 Mins read | Updated on March 5, 2021.

No company, brand, or blog can exist without an active social media presence. After all, almost 3 billion individuals utilize one or more social media networks every month.

It may be time-consuming to manually post and schedule information across all the social media networks. This is why, to make this challenging and time-consuming work more manageable, you should utilize a social media scheduling tool. Here is the tool called Publer.

In this article, I am going to give you an in-depth review of Publer.

A detailed about publer io

What is Publer io

Publer is a social media management application that assists people and businesses in managing their accounts and keeping their audiences engaged. Facebook pages, Locations, and Groups, Twitter accounts, Instagram Business accounts, and LinkedIn profiles can all be used on the platform. 

It’s also useful for managing businesses’ Google My Business and YouTube channels. Users may plan single photographs and videos, tag places, and even the first reply with its Instagram posts scheduler.

Pros and Cons of Publer io


  • Updates are made often, and new features are added on a regular basis

  • The integration with Canva is very easy

  • Multiple content upload

  • All account levels also have access to a free bio link


  • It would be good if Twitter had a link shortening feature.

  • The number of platforms with which it can be integrated is still limited.

Publer io Reviews

Check what other people are saying about Publer. Below are some screenshots of Publer reviews from the people who recently bought.


Publer io Alternatives

Here are some of the alternatives of Publer io.

Let’s compare Publer with Buffer

Publer Vs Buffer

PriceStarts from $10Starts from $15
Founded in20172010
Located inAlbaniaUnited States
Free trialYesYes
Automatic publishingYesYes
Collaboration ToolsYesYes
Content ManagementYesYes
Reporting & AnalyticsYesYes
Live chatYesNo
FAQ’s / ForumNoYes
Multi-Account ManagementYesYes

About the Publer io Company

Latest deal link
FoundersEldian Dervishi, Ervin Kalemi
Started in2015
Social media companies9,988
Europe Social Media Companies6,371
Affiliate programYes

UI & UX of Publer io


User experience is great

Easy to understand

Dashboards and analytics are excellent


The modern UI that is fast and responsive

User Friendly

The user interface is easy to use

Free version

Free version is available

Features of Publer io

Here are the features of Publer io

Social Media Scheduling

Once you’ve finished creating your post on Publer, you can either publish it immediately or schedule it using Publer’s scheduling options.

Simply choose the relevant social account(s) and press the “Post” button if you want your post to go out right away. Your article will be published right away.

If you’d want to schedule your post, you may do it in one of four ways: manually, automatically, recycle, or recurring.


Did you know that each account can have up to 10 individual watermarks? When you share photos on social media, these watermarks are placed on them.

Watermarks are beneficial not just for copyright protection, but also for establishing your brand. Even if the viewer does not read your content, your brand will most likely be visible on the image.


Are you a fan of electronic signatures? Then you’ll like this feature. Each social account can have up to ten signatures. You may even use hashtags as part of your signature.


Publer is a great application if you are in the internet sales business and need to post your stuff on a regular basis. It offers a reporting feature that allows you to choose the days and number of times the post should be published. The recycling process can be paused or resumed at any moment.


Maintaining an active social media presence isn’t enough. You should also monitor your performance on a regular basis to identify which posts are clicking with your audience and which are being disregarded.

By default, Publer’s analytics report displays a summary of your success over the last seven days across various social media networks. Followers, the number of likes, post reach, activity, and so on will all rise or decrease.

Shorten URLs

Long connections appear to be confusing and distracting. Publer has worked with Bitly, Rebrandly, Switchy, JotUrl, RocketLink, and PixelMe to allow you to shorten and add UTM parameters to any URL.

If you join one of the shortening accounts to Publer, all of your links will be automatically shortened if they are too long.

Publer io Support

A company’s genuine strength comes from how it handles client complaints, difficulties, and pain areas. Publer offers live chat, email, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter assistance.

To contact the customer service staff, click the chat icon to launch a chat session. You may ask any of your questions and concerns here. You may also reach them on Facebook Messenger by visiting their profile on Facebook, or via Twitter.

However, before you use any of these choices, make sure you read the documentation. It’s pretty extensive, and there’s a good possibility you’ll find answers to all of your queries there.

Who should buy Publer io


Small agencies


Email marketers

Social media marketers

Pricing for Publer io

Publer provides monthly, three-month, and yearly price options that save you 15%, 17 %, and 20%, respectively.

FeatureFree PlanSilver PlanGold Plan
Price$0 per month$10 per month$20 per month
Social accounts555
Additional team members000
50 pending scheduled postsYesYesYes
Link in bioYesYesYes
Posts historyYesYesYes
Link shorteningYesYesYes
Media libraryNoUnlimited storageUnlimited storage
Bulk schedulingNoYesYes
Export from canvaNoYesYes
Watermark photosNoYesYes
Watermark videosNoNoYes
Spintax supportNoNoYes
Analytics reportsNoNoYes
Schedule YouTube videosNoNoYes
Schedule Facebook Group albumsNoNoYes

In Silver and Gold plans You can increase the number of social accounts and additional team members as per your need but according to that price will also increase.

FAQ’s about Publer io

Yes. The tenth social account is free for every nine you have. So, if you use Publer for 20 social accounts, you’ll only have to pay for 18 of them. The extra team members are in the same boat.

Publer will be used to manage your Facebook Pages, Locations, and Groups, Instagram Business accounts, TikTok, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Profiles & Pages, Pinterest, Google Business Profiles, YouTube channels, and WordPress blogs.

Publer now allows you to link all of your Instagram Business accounts and easily manage and schedule single-photo and video updates. You have the option of publishing your Instagram posts immediately, scheduling them manually, using automatic scheduling tools, recycling, or making them recurring.


The deal offer poor charecter limit which may not be just enough to get your content for the whole month. But if you doesn’t need to create a lot of content. Look for short form of content link Social media posts, email subjects and newsletter then this is a good tool to go for.

The quality of the content generating is really good but the poor limits makes the deal just average.

Also people who gets this LTD will be offered monthly subscription for just 20$ a month for unlimited charecters which is one fifth of what other popular tools charge. 

Thats a great deal if you are going for monthly subscription

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