Top 9 best plugin to increase website speed

Improves the SEO, Core Web Vitals and overall user experience of your site by increasing website performance

5 Mins read | Updated on April 12, 2022.

Are you on the hunt for the most excellent WordPress caching plugins? Caching improves the speed and performance of your WordPress site. In this article, We’ll go through the top WordPress caching plugins to increase the speed of your site.

The reason for the increase in website speed is that it takes less time to load. The plugin also increases the loading speed and reduces the page size.

As a result, you won’t lose visitors, subscribers, or buyers due to poor page load.

To test the page performance of your WordPress site, use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. This will give you the most accurate results. Let’s look at the top 9 WP plugins to increase website speed.


A detailed about all of the best plugin to increase website speed

1. Perfmatters


Perfmatters is one of the custom WordPress optimization plugins that lets you eliminate unnecessary features, mainly JavaScript and CSS to accelerate your site.

It’s an excellent complement to WP Rocket, our favorite performance/caching plugin.

The major method this plugin uses to speed up your site is by deactivating scripts that aren’t being utilized often. For example, Gestures are loaded by default on every page of your website.

If you don’t use them, you’re just slowing things down. By deactivating it, the script is no longer loaded, resulting in fewer HTTP requests and a smaller page size.

2. LiteSpeed Cache


Every website owner should prioritize page speed optimization since it directly influences WordPress SEO.

LiteSpeed Caching is a WordPress cache plugin that does everything for you. It comes with a server-level cache as well as several optimization options.

LiteSpeed Cache is compatible with most major plugins, such as Yoast SEO and WooCommerce, and supports multi-site WordPress setups.

Installing the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, for instance, is an incredible strategy to speed up your website. When you use a caching plugin, web pages will load very fast and differently.

3. WP Rocket


WP Rocket is a name you’ll undoubtedly recognize if you are considering using a cache plugin to speed up your WordPress website. It’s a plugin that’s said to produce excellent outcomes with little effort.

It enables users to cache and speed up their website with a single click. Its crawler retrieves your WordPress pages automatically to build up the cache. The plugin then enables suggested WordPress caching features such as gzip compressing, page caching, and cache pre-loading.

If you want a performance optimization plugin that will do everything, WP Rocket is a great option.

4. WP Fastest Cache


As you can see, many of these WordPress caching plugins have pretty similar names. WP Fastest Cache comes with no exception, but it does offer certain unique features that allow it to be a worthy caching plugin for any website.

WP Fastest Cache could be right for you if you’re more concerned with performance than flashy colors and content. You won’t find many striking settings options or strange terminology, which may be favorable for you.

It is reason enough to utilize WP Fastest Cache because all we have to do is tick a few boxes, which accomplishes what we want.

5. Swift Performance


Swift Performance is one of the most popular WordPress caching plugins, allowing websites to load faster. One of its most appealing features is that it offers both a free Lite and a paid Pro edition, which produce excellent results for website optimization.

Because the user does not require technical skills to utilize it, it has a lot of unique characteristics. It optimizes the CSS and JavaScript, except for providing a cache module. It may also maximize media files, resulting in a faster loading time.

So, if you want to reduce the time it takes for your website to load and make good use of caching, you may utilize this Swift Performance. This program also provides you with the most OK SEO ranks.

6. Breeze

Breeze is a WordPress caching plugin built by Cloudways that is free, user-friendly, and simple but powerful. Its goal is to optimize your WordPress website and minimize the time it takes for web pages to load, resulting in a better user experience. It has been shown to speed up websites, particularly those hosted on Cloudways.

Breeze increases the performance of a website and optimizes its resources. File-level caching, database cleaning, data compression, support for Varnish cache, and more straightforward CDN integration choices are along with the other features.

7. NitroPack


NitroPack optimizes everything in the cloud. Compared to traditional caching plugins, it is an incredibly lightweight option with a minimal CPU overhead.

NitroPack offers several caching solutions to boost performance and reduce server load. Page caching and browser caching are the two most common types:

  • Page caching – stores a page’s static HTML version so that your server doesn’t have to run PHP every time someone visits it.
  • Browser caching – caches some static resources on a visitor’s local computer, so they don’t have to download them every time they visit a page.

NitroPack also offers clever features like cache nullification and preloading, which help you ensure that cached copies of your content are provided to as many users as possible.

8. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize plugin cleans your database. It allows you to look through your real database tables and eliminate tables that have been left behind from old plugins that are tagged as “not installed.” If you uninstall a plugin, it is likely to leave behind database garbage that may be removed.

This plugin aids in the de-cluttering of any database in a variety of ways. To begin, the plugin makes it simple to delete any post modifications that you no longer require. This will save a huge amount of space if you make a lot of edits to every post.

It also allows you to immediately delete any spam comments that have been saved, which may be time-consuming to do manually.

Having a website that loads faster always benefits the overall performance of the site, making it more appealing to the audience. Regularly making use of plugins and tools for the betterment of your website is important.

In the article mentioned above, we have discussed the top 9 best plugins to increase website speed and we hope it gives you a clear understanding of the same.

9. W3 Total Cache


W3 Total Cache is a free WordPress plugin that you can use to increase the speed of your website. It does this by caching pages, code, and objects on your site. It also helps with browser caching and minifies code.

W3 Total Cache is the quickest and most comprehensive speed optimization plugin for WordPress. Many major websites rely on it.

W3 Total Cache enhances your site’s user experience by boosting server speed, caching every component of your site, lowering download times, and integrating with a CDN transparently. W3 Total Cache takes care of the caching.

By supplying static files rather than dynamically produced information, caching improves your site.


Making use of the right kind of plugins for your website is crucial. Along with the many other tactics that can be used for your website, using a quality plugin can bring in a drastic change. However, it is not advisable to use multiple plugins at a time.

You can pick the plugin that best suits your website and go ahead with it. We hope this article helped you understand the need and necessity to maintain a good website speed and the plugins that can exclusively be used. 

If you want a free WordPress optimization plugin, you can start with WP Fastest Cache. It is straightforward to use and can easily be understood by beginners. 

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