Plerdy Appsumo lifetime deal Review 2022

Plerdy - Amazing heatmap tool with seo benefits too. Now as LTD

6 Mins read | Updated on Dec 28, 2021.

You’re not sure if it’s because of your design, copy, or a lack of SpongeBob memes, but your site isn’t converting visitors into buyers.

However, you can’t examine every person that leaves your site, and optimizing by making little changes is time-consuming.

What if you had a tool that showed you how users are interacting with your site, identified problematic components, and evaluated patterns to help you identify solutions?

Plerdy will resolve all your problems.

A detailed Plerdy Appsumo deal Review

What is Plerdy?

Plerdy is a cloud-based marketing platform that may help companies to manage their online stores and websites by maximising conversion rates.

It promotes businesses in tracking visitors and converting them into buyers. Marketing teams can use the tool to track and analyze website clicks using heatmaps, create custom reports, and track user behavior across several websites.

Pros and Cons of Plerdy


  • Integration with Google Search Console

  • The cost of Plerdy is cheap

  • Customize the display of pop-ups in detail

  • Analyzing Plerdy Heatmap reports


  • It's a little bit difficult to understand all the settings and features

Plerdy Appsumo Lifetime deal Reviews

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Plerdy appsumo lifetime deal review
Plerdy appsumo deal review

Plerdy Alternatives

Let’s compare Plerdy with Hotjar

Plerdy vs Hotjar

Free trialYesYes
Free versionYesYes
Website AnalyticsYesYes
Ratings in capterra4.94.7
LTD Price$59 to $590No LTD Deal
GDPR ComplianceYesNo
Mobile - iOSNoYes
Custom TargetingYesNo

About the Plerdy - the heatmap tool

Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)
Started onJune 5, 2017
Located inUkraine
Launched products7
Visited events as an organizers15
Social MediaYes

UI & UX of Plerdy

User Friendly

User-friendly software

Easy to understand

Very easy to understand


All indicators have shown a significant drop


Designing is very neat

Features of Plerdy - heatmap tool

Here are the features of Plerdy

Video recording sessions

User sessions can be recorded to have a closer look at how users interacting with your site.

Plerdy allows you to evaluate recordings for a specific type of traffic or device, segmenting the data into small pieces are easier to manage.

Individual films or multiple sessions of a given person can also be viewed to understand how their activity has changed over time.

Plerdy appsumo


A heatmap is a tool that helps companies to graphically discover and measure their client journey. You can segregate data from different traffic sources and monitor user clicks and actions depending on dynamic factors.

Because of this you will have a better idea of what’s working and what’s not. So that you can do more effective modifications.

Plerdy appsumo

PopUp Forms

Plerdy allows you to create pop-ups to attract people, collect email addresses, and notify users about special offers and discounts.

Use the pop-ups to separate people into different groups based on their actions, or customise them to meet your business.

Since pop-ups are not present on the page when it’s loaded, they don’t slow down your site’s loading time.

Plerdy appsumo

SEO Checker

Plerdy SEO-checker is a widely used tool for determining a web page’s authority, trust, and relevancy. Plerdy performs a daily study to provide you with a comprehensive SEO report, and to concentrate your work, you can choose which tests to execute.

You could also use the mobile-first Google Search Console API to assess keyword and content performance.

Plerdy appsumo

Analysis of sales performance

Plerdy observes the activity of thousands of web pages, recording millions of events and conversion chances they developed towards a successful completion.

You can quickly improve your website conversions by using specific information about user behaviour such as heatmaps, traffic kind, and session recording.

Plerdy Support

Plerdy is always happy to help their customers, they are well known and professionals to guide. If you have any queries or concerns you can always contact them by filling their form. If you are looking to join into plerdy team then you can share your resume to and tell why you want to join with them.

Who should buy Plerdy

Small companies

UX specialists

Web designers

SEO Agencies

Pricing for Plerdy

FeatureSingle Plan(Code 1)Double Plan(Code 2)Multiple Plan(Code 3)Multiple Plan(Code 4)Multiple Plan(Code 5)Multiple Plan(Code 6)Multiple Plan(Code 7)Multiple Plan(Code 8)Multiple Plan(Code 9)Multiple Plan(Code 10)
GDPR compliantYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Active pagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Pageviews per day25,00050,00075,000100,000125,0001,500,000175,000200,000225,000250,000
Video Sessions1,0002,0004,0005,0006,0007,0008,0009,00010,00011,000
Active forms, NPS5101520253035404550
SEO Site audit, pages per day5,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,00035,00040,00045,00050,000
pages from the Google Search Console per month5,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,00035,00040,00045,00050,000

FAQ’s about Plerdy

Yes, plerdy free plan is available. You can use it.

Plerdy’s deployment is cloud-based.

Plerdy is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows and Mac.

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