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Most of your social media followers actually will never come to your website or interact with you. And social media platforms like instagram will allow only one link in bios. If you want to convert your followers into customers by increasing the traffic and by maximizing bio links then you must try Linkjoy.

A detailed Linkjoy Review on Appsumo Life time deal

What is Linkjoy

Linkjoy will help you to shorten your URLs and run scripts to retarget one-time visitors to get more out of your ads, and it helps you to get major ROI from your links by providing social bio links, link retargeting.

Pros and Cons of Linkjoy


  • Multiple links in Instagram bio

  • Link retargeting

  • You can create micro page

  • You can measure ROI from Instagram

  • Converting followers into customers

  • You can increase your CTR with branded links

  • Multiple layout options

  • 60-days money back guarantee.


  • It doesn’t have multi user access

  • No ability to share reports with clients

Linkjoy Reviews

Check what other people are saying about LInkjoy. Below are some screenshots of Linkjoy reviews from the people who recently bought.

Linkjoy Alternatives

Let’s compare Linkjoy with Linktree

Linkjoy vs Linktree

Free trialYesNo
Free versionNoYes
Link management toolsYesYes
Lifetime dealYesNo
Prices(LTD)$49- $147No LTD

About the Linkjoy Company

Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)
Co-founder & Chief ExecutiveYash shah
Co-founder & Chief of productAnupama Panchal
Product DemoYes
Affiliate ProgramYes

UI & UX of Linkjoy


Good User Interface

Easy to understand

Easy to understand and learn


Rich features


So simple & nice design

Link Targeting

Link retargeting feature is excellent

Road Map of Linkjoy

In this road map you can see what they are building right now and what they will be building in the future.

This is how the linkjoy public road map looks like

If you want to see more information about linkjoy what they already did and what they are improving currently, Here you can check

Features of Linkjoy

Here are the features of Linkjoy

Linkin Bio

With Linkin Bio, the clients can assign links to every single Instagram Posts, so they don’t need to be restricted to only one link in the bio and drive traffic from Instagram.

Instagram Biolink

Place each of your Instagram posts on specific posts, websites, videos, etc. Get your followers where you need them. Overcome the limitation of single links in your Instagram bio to get more traffic and better conversions!

Link Retargeting

Shorten URLs and run scripts to redirect unique visitors and get the most out of your ads. Increase your ad CTR and decrease CPCs with a URL shortener that includes a retargeting pixel on every link. In addition to shortening URLs, they can track link clicks, conversion rate, referral sources, locations, and devices.

Increase your CTR with branded links

Shorten your links and customize the last piece of the URL to build validity and get a higher CTR. With a custom domain, you are letting your audience know that the link is going to your website.

Create micro page

Here you can create organized pages with all custom links and social media profiles with multiple layout options.

Linkjoy Support

Linkjoy will always try to give quick responses and resolve problems of their customers. The linkjoy support team is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays (monday to friday), excluding indian public holidays.
Customers can contact them on for software related issues, or for guidance etc.

Who should buy Linkjoy


Content creators



Small business people

Who were looking for traffic

Pricing for Linkjoy

FeatureCreator planPro planAgency plan
Customizable layout selectionYesYesYes
Tag featureYesYesYes
GDPR settingsYesYesYes
Generate QR codeYesYesYes
Chrome extensionYesYesYes
Layout selectionYesYesYes
Unlimited blocksYesYesYes
Total clicks per month300,00010MUnlimited
Instagram bio links1001,000Unlimited
Retargeting links50,000300,000Unlimited
Link in bio links5005,000Unlimited
Custom Domains310Unlimited
Custom ScriptsYesYesYes
Dedicated OnboardingNoYesYes

FAQ’s about Linkjoy

Yes , Linkjoy offers you a free trial

Yes you can remove by enabling the switch to remove the powered by linkjoy

  • First Sign in into Google Analytics
  • Select the Admin tab (at the bottom of the page). Click the Tracking Information section and then click Tracking Code in the Property column.
  • Copy your Pixel ID with the UA-xxxxxx-x
  • In Linkjoy, go to the microtool Linkin Bio, Curated Page or URL Retargeting.
  • Add your Pixel in your URL links! Now you can track your visitors.

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