Hide My WP Ghost LTD Review(2021)
Is it the best security plugin on Appsumo?

By Ravi varma | Updated on 21st Oct, 2021.

Are you an avid WordPress user? Do you work with WordPress often? Then your site may have already been exposed to hackers, with your data being put in a vulnerable state. ​

Recent statistics have shown that over 30,000 websites get hacked every day. About 35% of them happen to be  WP sites. Your website may be under attack.

The easiest way to protect your website from these attacks is to hide vulnerable routes from hackers. Don’t you worry, we got you covered. You can easily do this with Hide My WP Ghost.

Here is the complete Hide My WP Ghost LTD Review of the appsumo deal

What is Hide My WP Ghost?

Hide My WP Ghost is a WordPress security plugin that monitors and optimizes the security of your website.

It modifies and hides common routes, plugins, and theme routes, offering you the best protection against pirate bot attacks.

The safety and security actions are done automatically by the plugin. Once the common paths have been changed, all common paths are hidden from hackers to protect all plugins and themes.

It is a great tool that every WP user must and should have. It is user-friendly and exclusively built for the protection of your site.

Pros and Cons of Hide My WP Ghost LTD


  • Best security solutions with its powerful features.

  • User friendly.

  • Faster than 90% of the WordPress plugins.

  • Security email alerts.

  • Compatible with all hosting servers like Hostgator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Google cloud, etc.

  • Professional and dedicated Support.

  • Customer data confidentiality.

  • Updated regularly.

  • Budget-friendly pricing.

  • 30-day refund as per our Refund Policy.


  • It can not Hide the absolute fonts and images path placed in the CSS files.

  • Lacks a proper authentication process

  • It won’t Hide the paths that are received through ajax calls.

Hide My WP Ghost LTD Reviews on appsumo

Check out what other people are saying about Hide My WP Ghost. Below are some screenshots of Hide My WP Ghost Reviews from the people who use it.

Hide My WP Ghost Review

Alternatives of Hide My WP Ghost

There are other tools which can be used as an alternative of Hide My WP Ghost, They are:

Let’s compare a few alternatives with Hide My WP Ghost

Hide My WP Ghost vs WP Hide and Security Enhancer vs Swift Security

FeatureHide My WP GhostWP Hide & Security EnhancerSwift Security
Customize pathsYesYesYes
Protect WP common paths and filesYesYesYes
Script and SQL injection firewallYesNOYes
URL mapping and text mappingYesYesYes
Scheduled Code ScansNoNOYes
User activity logs and suspicious activity alertsYesYesYes
XML-RPC protectionYesYesNO
Hide WP headersYesYesYes
Brute force protectionYesYesYes
60-day money-back guaranteeYesNONO
Prices(LTD)$59 to $177No LTDNo LTD
WP LoginYesYesYes
Filters events and usernamesYesYesYes
Backup and Restore settingsYesYesYes
Security Email AlertsYesNOYes
Change paths in Ajax CallsYesNOYes
GDPR ComplianceYesYesYes

About the Hide My WP Ghost Company

App Developed bySquirrly Limited
Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)
Rating in Appsumo5/5
Founded3rd September 2012, London, United Kingdom
Founded byFlorin Muresan (CEO) and Calin Vingan (CTO)
First Product LaunchFebruary 2013
Top partnershipsAppSumo, ChiefContent, SaaS BF, ShortPixel plugin
Email Subscribers3,00,000
Estimated No of Employees15-25 Employees
Facebook GroupYes
Social Media ProfilesTwitter, Facebook, Youtube
Supportsupport@squirrly.co, florin@dmsuperstars.com, customers@squirrly.net, alex@squirrly.co
Help CenterYes



Very clear and user-friendly interface.


Easy to understand and learn.


Weekly security checks and reports is a good feature


Ease of learning


Setting up the plugin takes no more than a few minutes.

Road Map

Hide My WP Ghost releases frequent updates and upgrades new features based on user feedback. It will take into consideration everything that the customers say and work on bettering the tool. They developed this with the Squirrly Company.

Design, Marketing, and Support for Hide My WP Ghost is done by Squirrly. Features and Road maps will also be done by Squirrly.

Road Map of Hide My WP Ghost

This is the Latest Roadmap of Hide My WP Ghost. They have also worked on fixing some bugs and released a new version.

If you want to see what they are working on in a detailed manner, Click on the link below. 



Here are the main features of Hide My WP Ghost

Protect your site against common attacks

Add additional protection and improved security against common attacks like SQL scripting, injection, brute force, and more.

Fix the problems with a single click

Hide My WP Ghost offers several options to tailor the security features to your needs.

Logout redirects based on user roles

Create custom login and logout redirects based on your roles and requirements. For example, you can prevent subscribers from accessing the administrator URL to sign in.

Features of HIde My WP Ghost

Get Brute force protection

You get brute force protection with limited login attempts, reCaptcha protection, IP blacklists, and custom lock messages and duration.

Get Email Alerts

You will get instant email alert notifications when the unauthorized user takes any actions such as deleting a post or plugin and break-in attempts.

Keep your website more secure

Hide My WP Ghost always closely monitors the security of your site so you know who is doing what. You can see all of the actions users took in the last 30 days when they signed in to your site.

Security checks

It performs over 30+ tasks to check and scan for security threats and breaches. It also limits the number of potential logins.


Hide My WP Ghost was Designed and developed by Squirrly. The Support for Hide My WP Ghost is also managed and handled by Squirrly. You can reach out to them at the support emails given below.

The team actively responds to each and every question with utmost grace and agility.


The list of Integrations that support Hide My WP Ghost are given below.

Who should buy Hide My WP Ghost

Business Owners





This security plugin can be bought by anyone who is using a WordPress website. WP is vulnerable and if you want to protect your site from hackers by hiding all your common paths and files, you must give it a try.

Hide My WP Ghost works the best against hacker bots. However, people who should buy Hide My WP Ghost are:

Pricing of Hide My WP Ghost

Hide My WP Ghost pricing plan is divided into 4 different categories according to the business types and users. 

  • Ghost All – for agencies. 
  • Ghost 10 – for Midsize businesses.
  • Ghost 5 – for small businesses
  • Ghost 1 – for bloggers. 
FeaturesStarter planGrowth planNext plan
Premium SupportYesYesYes
No of Websites10 websitesUnlimited websitesUnlimited websites
Events Log & AlertsYesYesYes
Premium Security FeaturesYesYesYes
WP Multisite SupportYesYesYes
White Lable EnabledNONOYes
GDPR compliantYesYesYes
60-day money-back guaranteeYesYesYes
All Ghost Plan FeaturesYesYesYes


Yes, as a WP user, you must make sure to secure the website to prevent it from getting hacked and Hide My WP Ghost will do just that for you.

There are 4 pricing availabilities, you can choose the plan that suits you and your workstyle the best.

Yes. The BackUp and Restore feature allows you to save a security setup you’ve enabled using Hide My WP Ghost. You can easily restore it whenever you wish to.

Hide My WP Ghost is user friendly. There is no technical knowledge required to use the tool.


If you are actively creating WordPress websites for yourself and your clients, you will definitely need a tool like this. This will not only keep your WordPress websites secure but will also make work easy and efficient. You can however use security plugins like Wordfence or others and Hide My WP Ghost will work along with other security plugins to add an extra layer of security for your website. 

So it is definitely a  very good buy for WordPress, we would recommend it.

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