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The best and wasy to extract facebook group members email ids

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Are you struggling to generate leads? Missing out on the majority of your target audience? Most times, we have the audience and the target set for our business but we somehow fail to generate enough leads for our business.

Social media marketing platforms like Facebook have stringent rules where it does not let you view the answers of the group members in a group when approved. This makes it difficult for us as we can lose out on the information of our potential leads. But hey, don’t you worry, we have a solution for you. Group Collector is one tool that will make your job easy. 

A detailed Group Collector Extension Review

What is a Group Collector?

Group Collector is a tool and a chrome extension that helps to collect the details and information of the new members that join your Facebook groups. It collects the data and syncs it with your email marketing software, that inturn converts them into leads for your campaigns.

All the responses from new Facebook group members are automatically taken and converted into leads in your favorite email marketing software.

Pros and Cons of Group Collector


  • Directly integrate with autoresponders

  • Email and Zoom support is available

  • Software updates available for a lifetime

  • Can approve an unlimited number of group members.

  • Save data of the group members into your google sheets

  • 14 -days money-back guarantee


  • Including other Facebook Group management features, would be very helpful

Group Collector Reviews

People have used Group collector for their business and found it really helpful and accessible. Here are some of the user reviews.

Group Collector Extension review
Group Collector Extension Appsumo deal

Group Collector Alternatives

Just like every other tool, Group collector has its alternatives. We will list out a few for you.

Let’s compare Group Collector with Group Leads

Group Collector vs Group Leads

FeatureGroup CollectorGroup Leads
Easy of useYesYes
Price(LTD)$79No LTD Deal
Direct integration with autorespondersYesYes
Is Zapier requiredNoNo
Lead generationYesYes
Welcome message to a new group memberNoYes
FB group auto-approvalYesYes

About the Group Collector Extension

Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)
Launched inMay 2020
Creator and FounderHamza
Affiliate programYes
Live chatNo
Refund policyYes
Chrome extensionYes

UI & UX of Group Collector Extension


Simple and effective

Easy to understand

Very easy to use

Easy Setup

It’s super easy to set up

Good Features

Connecting various autoresponders is a very nice feature

Features of Group Collector Extension

Here are the features of Group Collector

Connect Your Group To a Google Sheet:

When you’ve created your group in Group Collector, you can link a Google Sheet to it. It will automatically generate the information of all the members of the group.  You will have to paste the URL of your google sheet into the Group Collector and it will do the job.

Auto-approval and disapproval on Facebook Groups:

This is a super convenient feature that Group Collector has. You can use the Group Collector Auto Approve Feature to approve new members into the group only if they match your lead requirements.

Factors like Mobile number must be entered in any of the Questions Answered, Number of Questions Answered, City, Full name, Group Password, and a variety of other criteria that could be used and checked with.

This information will be sent to the Group Collector Dashboard, a Google Sheet, and the email marketing software or CRM of your choice

Custom Audiences on Facebook:

Using Group Collector, you may build a custom audience of your group members who have given their approval. With only one click, you can obtain the Facebook Custom Audience.

You can use the file to build a customized audience or a similar audience on Facebook by uploading it there. It would enable you to advertise on Facebook more effectively with better-targeted adverts, lowering your advertising costs in the long run.

Chrome Extension for Group Collector:

Group Collector has the chrome extension that includes a dashboard for automating the onboarding of new Facebook group members. You can quickly collect new group member responses and save them to a Google sheet. All this you can do is just by logging in with the license key.

Autoresponder Integrations:

This feature makes it so easy for the functioning of the campaigns. You can approve a new group member as soon as the Email Marketing Software is connected, and his or her email will be pushed to the autoresponder.

You will then have to pick campaigns/automation in your autoresponder which will send welcome emails to your group members.

How does Group Collector Extension work?

Group collector is very easy to use and works efficiently. You can use it for your business and campaigns to get the desired leads and make the required sales. 

There are only 3 steps to install and use Group Collector. We’ll walk you through it.

Step 1 :

Enter your license key after installing the Group Collector Chrome Extension. Create a new group in the Group Collector dashboard, then connect it to your favorite email marketing software and the Google Sheet.

Group Collector

Step 2 :

In Facebook Group Settings, you can add three questions, you’d like the new members to answer when they join the group. You must however include at least one of the questions that ask for an email address or phone number, as it is essential. This gives you an opportunity to filter and connect better.

Step 3 :

Select filters (optional) and click the GC Approve or GC Approve All button on the Facebook Group Member Requests page. The data from the members’ responses will be added to a Google Sheet and the email addresses in your email marketing software.

Group Collector Extension

Group Collector Support

You can contact them via a form that they provide. You can fill out the form with your concerns and queries. You can also send them your queries at, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want to connect with Hamza directly, you can always reach out to him at Hamza is really responsive and helpful when you run into some technical mishaps while you are testing the app. The queries will be resolved within a few hours.

Who should buy Group Collector

Facebook Group Owners

Email marketers



Small business owners

Digital marketers

E-commerce sites

Pricing for Group Collector

Lifetime software updatesYes
Facebook group connectionsUnlimited
Approving FB group membersUnlimited
Saving the data into the google sheetYes
Integrating with autorespondersYes
FB group members auto-approveYes
Works in New & Old FacebookYes
Is Zapier requiredNo
Creating FB group funnelsYes

FAQ’s about Group Collector

Using the webhook capabilities, you can connect easily with FluentCRM.

Your members’ responses can be in any language, but you must use English on Facebook.

Google Chrome is needed to use Group Collector. As a result, it will perform flawlessly on both MAC and PC.

Yes, of course, you can try and test the tool and if you aren’t satisfied with it, you can always get a refund instantly. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee period.

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