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Want to keep a consistent stream of posts, advertising, and other content coming in without losing design quality? You want your content to stand out in whatever you produce, build, or advertise. Crello is a digital graphic design powerhouse. In this article, I am going to give you an in-depth review of Crello.

A detailed Crello LTD Review

What is Crello

Crello is a graphic design platform, the new name of this is VistaCreate. Anyone can use the library of 50 million premium creative assets, including premium photos, animations, and vectors, to create a variety of visual content. Remove the backdrop and add your texts, images, music, and brand elements right in VistaCreate. Use free stock pictures, backdrops, and clipart, or upload your own photographs and videos. Even if you are not a subject matter expert or if you don’t have any experience in designing there is no problem, anyone can become a designer using VistaCreate.

Pros and Cons of Crello


  • Releasing templates constantly

  • You can upload your own imagery and fonts

  • Integrated with publer

  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Some glitches with certain browsers not working all the time

  • There could be more options when selecting a template

Crello LTD Reviews

Check what other people are saying about Crello. Below are some screenshots of Crello reviews from the people who recently bought.

Crello Alternatives

Let’s compare Pabbly Connect with Zapier

Pabbly Connect vs Zapier

Free planYesYes
Yearly price in-app sumo$67-
Free version image resizingYesNo
Uploading foldersYesNo
Multiple pages to a designYesYes
Saving in google driveNoYes
Mobile AppYesYes
Team accessYesYes

About the Crello Company

1 Year Deal Link (Latest)
Founded in$2,016
Head officeLimassol
Vice PresidentVadim Nekhai
People on a team100+
Active Users7 million
Design templates50,000
Available languages16
Social mediaYes

UI & UX of Crello


Very simple to use


Very clear and folders structure welcome to organize items

User Friendly

User-friendly application

UI is Good

Pretty simple to understand

Features of Crello

Here are the features of Crello

Background removal

In a matter of seconds, you may remove or make transparent any image’s backgrounds. With the simple background eraser, you can turn your ideas into amazing pictures.

Functions for Importing and Exporting

In terms of file import functionality, Crello is pretty decent. Image files in the PNG, JPG, and JPEG formats up to 50 MB can be quickly imported.
In MP4 and MOV formats, you can import up to 200 MB of video files.


You’ll discover small gif-like animations under the Animations section. These are fantastic for giving your projects a more dynamic look. The Animations collections are of higher quality than the Videos and Objects categories.

Make a brand kit

Add your styles, colour palettes, and logos to the brand kit and use them to brand your material whenever you need it. VistaCreate allows you to create powerful brand graphics.


Crello allows you to pick from 29 various kinds of music, including Calm, Breakbeat, Disco, Romantic, Pop, Hip hop, Scary, Joyful and more! Additionally, you have the option of uploading your own music in MP3 or WAV formats.

Text & Fonts

You may customise the font style, size, alignment, and other aspects of texts. Crello additionally provides a few text styles in extra to these. One of them, Masked Text, was one of the best feature. Instead of a single colour, it allows you to use a photo or video as the text’s fill.

Crello Support

Crello recently added Live Chat functionality to their platform. As a result, you can now simply get all of your questions answered on time.

If you have any issue with editing a design or any technical issues or don’t know how to use then you can contact their support team by submitting a request. Just enter your mail ID and subject, explain your problem and give what type of issue it is. You can also attach the files to understand them and submit your request. They will come back with a solution as soon as possible.

For press inquiries, please contact or reach out to Kris(Kristina Zakharchenko), their PR representative, on LinkedIn. She’s a real person who enjoys answering new questions.

Who should buy Crello


Graphic designers

Content teams

Small businesses

Social media marketers


Pricing for Crello

FeatureCrello Pro Annual Plan
graphic & animated templates300,000
Uploading own fonts and imagesYes
Premium images500,000+
Videos and animations32,000
Creating a teamYes
GDPR compliantYes
1 Year of Pro Plan updatesYes
Stock images140 million
Instant access to the stock imagesYes

FAQ’s about Crello

Yes, Crello has an API.

Use the background removal feature in the editor to remove the background from your image. Then, on the Download button, choose PNG-transparent from the drop-down menu.

Canva’s editing procedure is quite similar to Crello’s. They have somewhat different approaches to problem-solving and a little different range of choices, yet they’re almost identical in many aspects.

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