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Contentstudio Vs Buffer: Is contentstudio better than Buffer?

5 Mins read | Updated on Feb 13, 2022.

Struggling to figure out what sells in the market? Have you ever been confused about the type of content your target market or audience would be interested in reading? There are many tools and software that have been developed for the purpose of easing the work for professionals and business owners.

We will be reviewing a new content discovery and automation software called ContentStudio.  In this article, you will get an in-depth review of ContentStudio.

A detailed ContentStudio Review

What is ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a data-driven and AI-powered content marketing automation and social media management software that makes it easy for organizations to find, plan, produce, and publish relevant stuff across various social media platforms and blog channels.

Moreover, you can manage several social media profiles from a single location using ContentStudio. ContentStudio works efficiently by creating an easy workflow.

Pros and Cons of Contentstudio


  • Supports multiple social media platforms

  • Budget friendly pricing

  • 3rd party applications can be integrated

  • Content Intelligence

  • Top-notch customer support


  • Keyword searches can be a little more precise

  • Does not allow social media reposts.

ContentStudio Reviews

Check what other people are saying about ContentStudio. Below are some reviews of ContentStudio from the people who have used and tested the tool.

ContentStudio Alternatives


ContentStudio integrates with most of the popular and familiar platforms out there, we will list out a few for you.

Let’s compare ContentStudio with Buffer

ContentStudio vs Buffer

Free trialYesYes
Price$79 per month (Billed annually)$85 per month (Billed annually)
No of channels supported12+ major channels5
channels25 social+10 blog25 social channels
Type of planSmall business & AgencyBusiness
Scheduled postsUnlimited2000
Blog automationYesNo
AI controlled automationYesNo

About the ContentStudio Company

Latest Deal Link
Located inDelaware, USA
CEOMr. Waqar Azeem
Awards in 2019Spring(High Performer), Social Media Suites(Leader)
Awards in 2020Leader Winter, Content Distribution
Social Profiles Connected270,000

UI & UX of ContentStudio

Easy to understand

Super easy to understand

UI is Good

User-friendly interface

User Experience

They continuously update the UI & UX for a better user experience

Features of ContentStudio

Here are the features of ContentStudio

Content Discovery and Insights

ContentStudio offers you highly relevant and trending content suggestions from their database of sources, or you can also do the custom collection of sources.

The feature gives you deep and actionable insights for any topic to optimize your content marketing strategy.

Composer with Multiple Channels

Creating new and original content can now be done with this feature. It will help you generate fresh content for your blogs or social media. You can integrate data from your favorite sources, communicate with your team, and keep track of approvals, all in one place. It also includes an SEO toolkit, an image editor, trending hashtag predictions, a UTM manager, and much more.

Discovering new content

This is another star feature of ContentStudio. The Content Discovery area is ideal for easily discovering new content and trending subjects across different platforms. This feature will help improve your content marketing strategy, giving you detailed and accessible information for any topic of your choice.

RSS Feed Reader

You can combine and monitor all of your favorite feeds in one spot with ContentStudio. If you’re a fast reader who subscribes to dozens of feeds, you’ll be happy to know that ContentStudio can manage bulk feed uploads. Simply generate an OPML file and upload all of your feeds at the same time.

Social Inbox in One Place

What if I tell you that you can manage all your social handles without having to log in individually? You can manage all of your social media communications from a single platform that will make your business function and thrive in a better way. You can easily coordinate with your staff and team with ContentStudio Inbox.


You can schedule your posts and tasks without having to worry about deadlines. ContentStudio lets you publish articles from your content schedule as and when you want.

Analytics & Reporting

ContentStudio provides information that will help you with the decision-making process. You can use this information from your analytics and reports to analyze and optimize your social media approach for better results.

ContentStudio Support

ContentStudio’s customer support is a highly efficient and responsive team. You can contact them at a given time, they will be available 24*7. You can easily reach out to them via the form provided. All you have to do is enter your name, mail ID, and send your message with the subject to them. They will get back to you as soon as possible. They also have a help center FAQs, You will need to type in your queries if any, and the results will show up. If you aren’t satisfied with the relevant answer, you can always contact them by sending a message again.

Who should buy ContentStudio

Social media marketers

Content writers


Small Agencies



Pricing for ContentStudio

FeaturePro PlanSmall PlanMedium PlanLarge Plan
Price$49 per month$99 per month$199 per month$299 per month
Blogs1 per platform102050
Media storage10 GB20 GB50 GB100 GB
Team members-51020
Social accounts102550150
Automation campaigns10UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Searches Per DayUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Workflow & CollaborationNoYesYesYes
Custom topic feedsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SEO toolbox for blog postsYesYesYesYes
Blog & Social posts per monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

FAQ’s about ContentStudio

You can’t directly upload stories or feeds from the ContentStudios web right now. However,  you can do this via push notifications using their mobile app.

Yes, you can connect two accounts of the same social media. To do that, first, log in to the website using the preferred account, then start a new connection procedure in ContentStudio.

No, You will not be allowed to post in Facebook groups if you are not an admin.

Both of the tools have their own pros and cons. However, ContentStudio is the best to go with if you are looking for numerous features at a budget-friendly price.

Currently, ContentStudio’s Analytics supports Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Pages, Instagram, and Pinterest Profiles/Boards.

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