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Closerscopy Review 2022

8 Mins read | Updated on Feb 9th, 2022.

It’s always recommended to try and test the tools before purchasing them, especially when you plan to invest your hard-earned money in a device that is unfamiliar to you and completely new in the market.

As a responsible publisher, we understand your concern, and that’s why I came up with this article. 

This In-depth Closerscopy review will help you understand the full features of the tool and how you can use it to get the most profitable outcome.

So, once you know the tool’s fundamental principles and all its features, you can start the CloserCopy free trial.

So that it allows you to access the tool more effectively, and later, if you find it helpful for your business, which I am sure you will, you can buy the CloserCopy lifetime deal, which is now available.

ClosersCopy is the most cutting-edge platform for copywriters who close the sale as quickly as they can think. With ClosersCopy, thousands of copywriters, advertisers, and business owners create their copy. Its artificial intelligence was taught using real sales interactions and effective marketing efforts. You’ll be surprised at how well it appeals to your audience’s desires. Longform consistently produces new copies. No constraints, filters, or limitations.

50+ plug-and-play marketing frameworks are used by ClosersCopy. With ClosersCopy, you can analyze the density of your keywords, determine whether your next email campaign will be marked as spam, uncover the emotions your copy expresses, improve wordy, passive sentences, and more.

How does Closerscopy help to improve your content marketing strategy?

Quality content isn’t something most people in the business world understand. They’re so busy focusing on the “means” of getting the job done, they don’t think about the “end” result. 

But you know what? Good copy, when used properly, is a very powerful selling tool. A lot of people don’t realize the impact a good piece of copy can have on their sales.

Naturally, many people don’t know what a good copy is. In the “business world,” people don’t really have time or energy to sit down and read an extended piece of writing. 

So, if your writing isn’t “trending upward” toward good copy well. it probably isn’t going to get read at all. Most people don’t have time to read what you write either. 

They just want to know “How do I make money with this?” Or perhaps they want to know “Why should I buy this tool?” Or perhaps they want to know “What is in it for me?

Writing a good piece of copy is an art. It takes years of practice and it starts with good training. And this is why companies hire an expert copywriter. 

These days hiring a talented copywriter or a content writer has become so expensive
As the technology continues to develop, instead of trying to find a copywriter, you can invest in a good content creation tool. 

These tools automatically create content within seconds, and guess what! They are far cheaper than hiring a copywriter.

One such copywriting tool is ClosersCopy – Which is now on a Lifetime deal – closerscopy lifetime deal

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A detailed ClosersCopy lifetime deal review

What is ClosersCopy

The first thing you need to know about Closerscopy is… it’s NOT a spell checker! It’s not a grammar checker either. It is much more than that! It’s an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based “content creation tool” specifically designed by Nico Engler to make copywriting easy and affordable for business owners and marketers to create the best sales copy.

Unlike other copywriting tools which are designed to check only one or two aspects of your copy (like spelling or grammar), ClosersCopy checks for:
Clarity: Make sure the copy you are writing is both clear and concise.

Make Certain Your Copy Contains The Words And Phrases You Need: Finding the right words and phrases to communicate your ideas.

Check your grammar. Automatically corrects more than 90% of all spelling and grammatical errors. (Most copywriters leave this part of the process up to the editor.)
And, above all

It Creates!

Creates headlines for you. Automatically creates a compelling, attention-grabbing headline which is the absolute “linchpin” of any marketing campaign.

It brings your subject to life. Makes your writing seem more real and more human. This makes your reader pay more attention, and crave more information.

It brings your writing into focus. Automatically highlights the important words and phrases in your copy, making them pop out and catch your readers’ attention.

Helps you catch your readers’ attention.

It also has the unique ability to create images and infographics and outline your entire copywriting.

What’s more, it can do all this automatically and it does all this very fast!

In addition to copywriting, ClosersCopy can also create blog posts, social media posts, infographics, sales letters, email pitches, website content, college research papers, and so much more.

It’s perfect for people who have no idea how to create great sales copies or for people who have the talent but lack the time.

How does ClosersCopy work?

ClosersCopy is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. This means it learns as you use it, which Makes It A Perfect writing Aid For Copywriters! The more you use it, the smarter it gets, the faster and more accurately it will create the best possible copy for you.

Closerscopy uses a machine learning language model GPT-3 to improve the content generated by you. GPT-3 is a copywriting software created by a team of scientists at OpenAI.

The GPT-3 model is based on a Natural language generation model that has been pre-trained on an enormous database of high-quality translated content.

GPT-3 was trained on over 10 million web pages and it has learned thousands of common words and phrases which appear over and over in online content. It uses the trained set to create the content according to the reader’s interest.

What’s even better about this GPT-3 technology is that it can write sales letters, sales emails, newspaper ads, magazine ads, direct mail packages, website content, Facebook posts, tweets and anything else you can think of!

Let us now see a quick tutorial on how to get started with ClosersCopy…

Pros and Cons of ClosersCopy


  • AI-Based: This software is completely AI based. It helps you write better and more creative content that will sell and convert.

  • Works for all niches: If you are into any niche, you can use this software to create quality content for your website or blog. This software is integrated with different AIs like Sales AI, Blogs AI, and story AI.

  • Easy to Use: There is a simple step by step wizard that guides you through the whole process of creating a winning article or content for any purpose.

  • ClosersCopy can create Blog posts, Facebook posts, LinkedIn ads, newspaper ads, online sales letters, Pinterest ads, Instagram ads, tweet ads, and more.

  • This software has a huge database of over 4,000,000 words which it uses to help you create content that will sell.

  • Automatic Outline: ClosersCopy automatically creates an outline of your entire copy. This makes it easy to identify your most important points.

  • Drag-and-drop design:you can quickly create and share content without much hassle.

  • You can use the Compete feature to do SEO research for any keyword, and in fact you can select any word, phrase, or even URL on your web page and then it will check its current rank on Google SERP. You can also easily compare and understand which words or phrases work best for you to get ranked higher in search engines.

  • ClosersCopy WordPress plugin: it can help you boost your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it allows you to quickly generate great looking headers and footers for your WordPress pages.

  • Lifetime deal: If you don't like the monthly or yearly subscription, you can purchase a lifetime deal.


  • ClosersCopy doesn't offer some features that I need as a business owner. For example, there's no way to automate an entire website.

  • longforms sometimes generate contents that are off topic.

  • There is no built-in plagiarism check, and as a copywriter this can be a little frustrating.

ClosersCopy Alternatives

There are so many AI content generated tools were there, in that some of them are

Comparing ClosersCopy with its alternatives

Closerscopy Vs Jarvis. AI Vs Rytr

ClosersCopy is an automatic content generator that uses Artificial intelligence and machine learning to make copywriting easy and affordable for business owners and marketers to create the best sales copy.Jarvis AI is also a content generator tool that helps you write blog posts, stories, scripts, and more.Rytr is an AI software that helps you produce content for social media, logs, and other online content.
ClosersCopy is a comprehensive copywriting software that comes with many features and functionalities.Jarvis AI is more like a software with limited featuresRytr is also more like a software with limited features




MultiLanguage support

Wizard tool

Content emotion Analyzation







MultiLanguage support




MultiLanguage support

Content emotion Analyzation

Pricing plan:
Starter plan is available for $29.99/month)

Professional plan is available for $49.99/month

Unlimited plan $79.99/month
Pricing plan:

Starter plan is available for $29.99/month

Pro plan is available for $109/month

Boss mode is available $79.99/month
Pricing plan:

Premium plan is available for $29.99/month

Annual plan is available for $290/year
ClosersCopy has 30-days money-back guaranteeJarvis.AI only gives 7-days of money back guarantee.Rytr does not have any such policies.
ClosersCopy offers a lifetime deal where you can get lifetime access to its all features and functionalities at
Professional: $97/lifetime

Unlimited: $167/lifetime
Jarvis. AI does not offer any lifetime deals.Rytr also offers a lifetime deal where you can get lifetime access to its all features and functionalities at $39/lifetime.

UI & UX of ClosersCopy

Easy to Use

Easy to understand and learn.

UI is Good

User interface is so easy to use.

Quality Content

The quality of the content generated is very high.

Good Results

Results are always pretty good.

The user interface (UI) & the user experience (UX) of the ClosersCopy tool is easy to use and can be operated by anyone.

The interface is very simple, it doesn’t need any advanced knowledge to work. The only thing you need to do is to provide the required details and then it will take care of everything else.

The user interface is very easy-to-navigate. You don’t have to spend minutes searching for buttons.

You don’t have to go through all the features to make your first post or article, the software will take care of it all for you. You can learn the features functionalities while using each one of them in your article.

On the whole, the UI and UX of ClosersCopy are excellent.

Road Map of ClosersCopy

The ClosersCopy team is committed to continuously updating their software to make it better than ever before. They have updated this tool many times to improve its quality and functionality. They introduced the Compute feature very recently to enhance the user’s copywriting.

Their ultimate focus is to integrate with the latest and most popular AI based tools and plugins that are available today.

So, if you are looking for a copywriting tool that can help you create high-quality contents that will help you convert and sell, you can get this tool by subscribing to their yearly or lifetime deal.

Features of ClosersCopy

Here are the features of CloserCopy

Closerscopy features are designed to make your copywriting more accurate and effective. The AI auto generation software will help you create different words and phrases that sell in various situations. Closerscopy is a proven, reliable system that works!

Artificial intelligence is used by everyone to write blogs, emails, sales letters, and much more.

You’ll be surprised by how well their AI understands the preferences of your audience.

Listen, ClosersCopy has three internally designed artificial intelligence models that have been specially trained to meet various purposes.


Perfect for creating interesting blogs, press releases, articles,  or endless content for social media. for any market. When you require a direct, instructive tone, use this.


Our initial original design. constant attempts to sell you something. creates angles that attract you to buy. Because it was taught using tested sales emails, landing pages, and sales letters…

Great for convincing sales pages, advertisements, promotional emails, and your good marketing efforts. Designed for Direct Response Marketing.


Their third in-house created AI writing model has been tuned to assist you in making better stories.

Ideal for fiction publications including poems, novels,  and short stories. For every genre.

Let us now explore each feature of closerscopy.

Compete(SEO & SERP Research)

The Complete feature is used to help you do SEO research for a selected keyword. In simple words, You will get a brief description of each website along with a “rank order” of how well those particular websites are ranked for that particular keyword. You will have a long list of higher ranking websites to lower ranking websites.

This will allow us to examine each site in more detail and see if there is anything about any of these sites that we find interesting or which might be useful to us in some way. If you wish, you can sort the list by most used words or phrases, by traffic, by position or whatever other criteria you desire.

Here’s an example of what a typical set will look like:

let‘s check for a keyword “digital marketing course”,


It indicates the title, number of words, and words. This will give you a general idea on the content you should be creating.


If you click on the H2 title, it will give the basic outline of the article.

You can also check the article’s insights as well, Closerscopy’s Compute feature is integrated according to the content marketing criterias, like if you click on the “keywords” button, it generates all the most used phrases or words within that particular website.


Longform editor

The ClosersCopy AI longform editor gives you the content suggestions or creates the content according to your article context. There are controls where you can change the length and range of creativity output.


This longform feature will generate content satisfying 3 different criterias like Creativity, Context, and relevant output. This is my most favourite feature of ClosersCopy; you only need to write content for any purpose, click on the “write for me” button and it will give you the content you need.


ClosersCopy has this wide range of frameworks to create any type of copy you desire. Following are some ClosersCopy frameworks available:

There are many other frameworks that you can use to create a quality copy. Whether you want to design epic product descriptions, or email campaigns, you can use these frameworks to produce ideal content.

Multi language Support

ClosersCopy AI feature supports 24 languages, including:

So, ClosersCopy will help you create your blog/article in any language.

Expand, Rephrase, Summarize, Shorten, and lengthen your copywriting

After your first 100 words, you can polish your content by using the right-clicking context menu

You can:

Expand: This will expand your selected context.
Rephrase/Rewrite: you can rewrite your copy with new words and phrases
Summarize: this option will compress your copy in a few sentences.
Shorten: you can shorten any long sentences by keeping the same tone, words, and phrases.
Lengthen: if you feel that your sentence is small, you can lengthen your selected sentence by keeping the same tone, words, and phrases.



The ClosersCopy wizard can help you write blog/article, email copy, and sales letters. It also gives suggestions and guidance on how to format the copy, what words to use, headlines, etc… It automatically highlights the errors and improves the copywriting. It guides you step-by-step to write a sales copy or any article through its selected templates.

Template Library

ClosersCopy provides various templates for different copywriting like sales, email letter, Instruction blogs, and many. This software is a great place for you with a whole library of templates to write any kind of article.
Even if you are a beginner in copywriting, you will be surprised with the copy created using these templates!

Drag & Drop Copy Builder

This ClosersCopy drag & drop feature is very smooth to use. Using this feature you can drag & drop the elements on the page. You can mix and match headlines and drag them onto your pages to build a copy.

To start on a new project, you can drag a proven piece of highest ranking copy and drop in the template library, modify a few phrases, words, or sentences and there you go! Your complete copy is ready with the perfect framework.


ClosersCopy AI software also gives complete insights into your generated copy. It analyzes different aspects like keyword density, spam, and sentence analysis. The keyword analysis allows you to see the percentage of used keywords, this helps for your Google & SEO purposes.

The Spam checker checks for any spam in the copywriting. It analyzes the spam score of the copy and how likely it is going to the spam folder! Based on the percentage you can improve your email letters and generate a selling email for your email marketing campaigns.

Find your weaknesses. Find out what emotions your copy is trying to express, repair long, passive phrases, evaluate your keyword density, or see if your next email campaign is going to spam.

Our AI will provide you with feedback on your work, including its readability, grammar, and spelling, as well as what it thinks regarding your writing and how it is performing.

Sentiment and Emotion Analysis

Taking care of your copy’s emotions is very important to attract your potential customers. You can sometimes go off the tone while writing the content. This feature of ClosersCopy will help you analyze your copy’s emotions and tone.. It helps match your tone with your intended message.

1000+ Power Words Lookup:

To excite and inspire your audience with your copy, use powerful words from Closer’s Copy database.

A One-click headline generator:

The One-click headline generator function lets you quickly generate a huge amount of headline concepts.

Keyword Analysis:

In order to maximize the SEO benefits of your long-form content, this tool examines and enhances the keyword distribution throughout.

Copy Spam Analysis:

Utilize their AI technology to rapidly determine whether your email copy will end up in the spam folder of your audience.

Copy Sentence Analysis:

Analyze the difficulty of your sentences to see which ones trigger your audience to leave.

Collaborative Writing:

Give your friends permission to watch and participate in your copy when you share it with them.

Who should buy ClosersCopy

Sales Team

Story writers

Content Writers

Business People



Reasons why you should buy Closerscopy

Write about any topic:

You are free to write about anything, even delicate subjects like politics.  There are never any limitations or content filters: They have their own AI and support a wide range of subjects.


After adding your sample data, you can save the Framework as a reusable one. The only thing left to do is return and use your Framework repeatedly.

Build Workflows:

When you have three to five frameworks that you frequently use, you may organize them into a step-by-step workflow.

70+ workflows:

Through their community library, you have access to more than 70+ workflows contributed by other members.


By using their community libraries, other users have made over 800 frameworks available to you, which you may utilize in your own workflows.

Pricing for ClosersCopy

Closerscopy is the best affordable copywriting tool for all the busy professionals in the market.

The free version of ClosersCopy only has a few features but there are other paid versions with extra features and functionalities.

Closerscopy is a premium software which has three subscription plans.
Closerscopy offers monthly and yearly starter, professional, and unlimited paid plans.

You can avail the following features in the paid plan:

Feature Superpower Solo Plan Superpower Hero Plan Superpower Squad Plan
Price $327 Or 3 installments ($109/installment) $561 Or 3 installments ($187/installment) $741 total Or 3 installments ($247/installment)
Unlimited AI Writing Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited AI Drawing Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Updates Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited SEO Audits Yes Yes Yes
Seats 1 only for you 3 seats (you + 2 team members) 5 seats (you + 4 team members)
Frameworks 800+ 800+ 800+
SEO Audit Yes Yes Yes
SEO Planner Yes Yes Yes
Insights Yes Yes Yes
Languages 128 128 128
Launchpad Yes Yes Yes
Longform Yes Yes Yes
Drafts Yes Yes Yes

ClosersCopy lifetime deal

Closerscopy offers you a golden opportunity where you can buy their lifetime deal and save your money on monthly or yearly subscriptions.

The lifetime deal is priced in 2 packages:

Professional: $97/lifetime
Unlimited: $167/lifetime

So, what are you waiting for? The deal is for a limited period. Start your free trial now and explore the tool.

Once you find it useful, which you mostly do, you can buy their lifetime deal which cuts down your cost, which you might invest in content writer, purchasing a tool like Grammarly,  plagiarism checker and many more.


Final verdict

ClosersCopy, an all-in-one content marketing tool, can generate unique content for multiple purposes.

You can use the tool to analyse your competitor articles, steel their most used keywords, check for the LSI keywords your competitor are using, the questions and answers.

Additionally, you can generate quality content that allows you to rank on Google first page. The pre-made template gives you the option to generate content for all purposes like blogs, Ads, and many more.

So if you look at all the features the Closerscopy offers you, you can find that this single tool saves you the extra cost for a content writer, tools you might have to purchase to find LSI keywords and tools to optimise the content.

Overall, ClosersCopy offers you a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. Most importantly, their pricing plans are affordable, making it easy for business owners to start using ClosersCopy.

Though there are other good copywriting tools available today on the market, ClosersCopy stands out from the crowd because of its unlimited features and functionalities.

All these best features, which can be a considerable advantage to all the copywriters, are available with a generous discount on the ClosersCopy plan, i.e.…, you can save money by purchasing a lifetime deal of this tool AppSumo.

FAQ’s about ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy can be used by any copywriter, or business owner, or it can even be used by students to write their thesis papers.

ClosersCopy can help you create a powerful copy for sales or blogs using artificial intelligence and machine learning GPT-3 model.

No actually, you can learn the usage of features while using ClosersCopy. It also has a private facebook community where you can get all the tutorials and guides of this copywriting tool.

This copywriting tool works on every device and platform like iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows and Mac.

Closerscopy is a premium software which has three subscription plans.Starter plan is available for $29.99/month and $251.92/year ($20.99/month, 30% off on the monthly plan), Professional plan is available for $49.99/month and $419.92/year ($34.99/month, 30% off on the monthly plan), Unlimited plan $79.99/month and $671.92/year ($55.99/month, 30% off on the monthly plan).

ClosersCopy offers a lifetime deal where you can get lifetime access to its all features and functionalities at Professional: $97/lifetime and Unlimited: $167/lifetime packages.

You can purchase ClosersCopy lifetime deals at AppSumo and other lifetime deal platforms.

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