Branded Link Shortner Review

3 Mins read | Updated on Dec 12th, 2021.

All of the people were using Google URL Shortener till 2018. And After that Google URL Shortener got shut down.

It was one of the first URL shorteners, and most importantly, it was free.

Now people are looking for a good alternative URL Shortener for free, And here we bring the best Branded Link Shortner for you almost for free for life time.

A detailed Branded Link Shortner Review

What is Branded Link Shortner ?

Branded Link Shortner is a URL shortener. It takes a Long URL and makes it short and simple. By doing the URL shortening we can track how many clicks we got, based on this tracking we can build our business.

Pros and Cons of Branded Link Shortener


  • It can be used for FB Ads

  • We can use it to put into an Email

  • It will also be helpful for social media

  • You can use it for a webinar

  • Reseller License

  • You can easily add your own domains

  • Password protection is available for links

  • 60-days money-back guarantee


Branded Link Shortener Reviews

Check what other people are saying about Branded Link Shortener. Below are some screenshots of Branded Link Shortener reviews from the people who use it.

BrandedLink Shortner

Branded Link Shortener Alternatives

There are multiple URL Shorteners available over the internet. Some of them are:

Let’s compare Branded Link Shortener with TinyURL

Branded Link Shortener vs TinyURL

FeatureBranded Link ShortenerTinyURL
Free VersionNoYes
Link ManagementYesYes
Monitoring & AnalyticsYesYes
Branded &
Customized Links
Campaign Monitoring & AnalyticsYesYes
Lifetime DealYesNo

About the Branded Link Shortener Company

Lifetime Deal Link (latest)
Tool NameBranded Link Shortener
Developed byLynx Short
Links created4,587,443
Users Signed Up84,000

UI & UX of Branded Link Shortener

Easy to Create

Very easy to create new links or edit those links

Fast Load

The links load  fast

Simple to Use

Very simple to use 

Easy to add

We can easily add your client domains as well

Clean UI

Good User Interface

Features of Branded Link Shortener

Here are the features of Branded Link Shortener


The statistics are very advanced in this tool. By these statistics, you will get to know your audience. And also you can analyze the performance of your links and you can see the statistics such as referrers, browsers, and devices, etc. Based on this you can improve your business.


You can also retarget your audience by adding tracking pixels to your links. And you can check the statistics of those links.


One of the best features of Branded Link Shortener is Targeting. Here you can redirect your users based on the country, platform, or language.


This is also one of the best features of Branded Link Shortener. With this, you can do run time or clicks on limited marketing campaigns.


In every software, privacy is more important than anything. Here you can secure your links from unwanted visitors with the password option. This is a great feature of this tool.


We can customize our links with custom domains and aliases. Clicking the branded links will increase brand recognition, with this you can build trust and you can also increase the click-through rate.

Who should buy Tidycal

Business people

Small companies



Sales team


Pricing for Branded Link Shortener

Lifetime AccessYes
Reseller LicenseYes
Password protectionYes
Appsumo Ratings5/5
Brand linksUnlimited

FAQ’s about Branded Link Shortener

Yes, you can secure all your links with the password option. So that, you can stop unauthorized visitors to your page.

Yes, you also get a reseller license. You can add full bills with 10.
You can resell these accounts and keep all the profits that you will get.

You will get unlimited branded domains for your links in this one-time deal. And also you get full features with unlimited access for all those features.

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