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Did you know that visitors avoid contacting you because they are unable to identify the communication method that they prefer? Moreover, people just leave your website without converting. These are issues that you must overcome in order to expand your business.

Boei enables you to communicate with your website visitors using their preferred channels.
In this article, I am going to give you an in-depth review of Boei.

A detailed Boei Review

What is Boei

By speaking with visitors on their preferred channels, Boei boosts conversions. Boei wants to make it as simple as possible for website visitors to contact them. You can even continue the conversation after they leave your website. Visitors can also contact you by their preferred method, which allows you to create leads automatically.

Pros and Cons of Boei


  • Software quality is good

  • Popup and standard contact form availability

  • You can also follow up on preferred channel

  • Great support

  • Easy to install


  • Translations are little bit hard to set up

Boei Reviews

Check what other people are saying about Boei. Below are some screenshots of Boei reviews from the people who recently bought.

Boei Alternatives

There are so many AI content generated tools were there, in that some of them are

Let’s compare Boei with ReviewInc

Boei vs ReviewInc

Free trialYesNo
Free versionYesNo
Lifetime Deal Price$49No LTD
Feedback ManagementYesYes
Reporting/ AnalyticsYesYes
Live chatYesNo
Phone supportNoYes
Training videosYesNo
Training webinarsNoYes

About the Boei Company

Company locatedNetherlands
Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)
Trusted people2,855

UI & UX of Boei

Quality Content

So easy to set up and go live

Easy to understand

User friendly to use

Easy integration

Easy integration with multiple channel

Good Results

Working is very good

Road Map of Boei

Boei is constantly becoming better. The following concepts will be implemented in the future months.

From the wish list, new integrations and functionality are being planned and implemented.

This is how the Boei roadmap looks like

Here you can check the complete Boei roadmap on which they are working and implementing or already implemented. Here is the Boei roadmap link

Features of Boei

Here are the features of Boei

All languages are supported:

Boei will support all the languages. Every line of text that your customers view can be changed according to their needs.

Attract the attention of your customers:

Next to your button, place a call to action. This acts as a reminder to visitors to contact you.


Superfly widgets are pre-installed on Boei. The newsletter widget, for example, can be used to create a simple newsletter signup form. Signups can be sent to Zapier, a webhook, or your email address.

Contact form:

Boei has a built-in contact form. With this widget visitors are able to ask questions without having to leave the page.

Newsletter signup form

Increase the number of people who join up for your newsletter by including a signup form immediately in Boei. Using a webhook, you can link the data you’ve retrieved to your newsletter service.

Get insights:

Receive weekly information on the number of times your button has been clicked and interacted with.

Boei Support

Boei has great support staff. They are always ready to help their customers. Boei is giving multiple support options for you. You can connect with them via whatsapp,Twitter, or you can chat with them (via and you can also reach them by contact form or by sign up newsletter.

Who should buy Boei

Small businesses

Marketing Agencies



People who are looking to chat with their website visitors

Pricing for Boei

FeatureFree PlanStarter PlanBoost PlanPro PlanLifetime Deal Plan
Price$0$4 per month$12 per month$20 per month$49 one time purchase
Helpers per button2unlimited helpersunlimited helpersunlimited helpersunlimited helpers
Remove “by Boei” brandingNoYesYesYesYes
Advanced CSS customizationNoYesYesYesYes
Call-to-Action featureNoYesYesYes

FAQ’s about Boei

Yes, all future updates, templates, and integrations will be accessible to you.

 Yes, you can stack as many codes as you like to raise the amount of websites that are covered.

Yes, it’s possible. Boei, on the other hand, recognises your button based on its domain name. As a result, you must utilize the Advanced installation to use additional buttons.

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