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Is it the best Book Summaries app in the market?

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Most of us love reading, it calms us, but it takes forever to finish the book. Want to get great insights from your favorite nonfiction books in 15 mins or so?

Well, Blinkist is one such app that promises to offer just that. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you can find out more about it in this article.

We will be reviewing Blinkist for you. It offers both fiction and nonfiction books. Isn’t that great?

A detailed blinklist Reviews

What Is Blinkist?

It’s a German book summarizing subscription service. The company was founded by Holger Seim, Niklas Jansen, Sebastian Klein, and Tobias Balling in 2012.

It offers a series of short videos and a daily digest of books.

Unlike a typical book, Blinkist’s content is short and to the point. You can read a book summary, listen to it, or turn pages for you.

The app also helps you save time because you can read more books in a short span of time. The service has no ads or gimmicks, and you can read the content of your choice whenever you want. There are even free versions of the book summaries.

You can download as many books as you like, and you can finish them within a year. This makes Blinkist an affordable and convenient alternative to other e-books.

With its library of over 3000 titles, you can learn about any topic in just a few minutes. You can also find summaries on nearly any topic. And the best part is, Blinkist offers a risk-free seven-day trial.

You can also use Blinkist to bookmark interesting articles in your free time. If you are an avid reader but can’t make time from your busy schedule, Blinkist will save the day!

Pros and Cons of Blinklist


  • 7 day trial period

  • Multiple devices with a single account.

  • Easily highlight your fav topics, titles etc.

  • Time saving

  • Offline access to your saved non-fiction books.

  • Cost efficient

  • Audio feature works efficiently


  • Pricing plans are narrow

  • It does not fully deliver what it promises

Blinkist Reviews

The design of Blinkist is clean and minimalist. It is simple, with no unnecessary clutter. The interface allows the reader to focus on the content, making it easy to use.

Many audiobooks can help the reader remember what they’ve just learned. This makes the service suitable for children, especially those who have difficulty reading.

Despite the limited variety of books, most of the content is suitable for all ages. As with most online libraries, you’ll be able to browse a variety of titles on the site.

If you are a bookworm, Blinkist is an excellent resource. There are dozens of different categories to choose from, and each category is structured differently.

This allows you to browse the bestselling titles or explore a topic of your choice. Alternatively, you can read the most popular titles or explore topics you’re interested in.

For the beginner, Blinkist is an excellent choice. It gives you a brief overview of the topic in question and a short summary of the book’s plot.

The app is easy to use and provides the flexibility you need to learn a new topic quickly and easily. It’s easy to navigate with an interface that is clean with only the buttons for the audio, and text size.

While it has a great library of books, it lacks features. The interface, while appealing, is difficult to navigate.

For example, it’s difficult to read book descriptions in full, while navigating the interface is a pain. The Blinkist app is a convenient solution to this problem.

Its user interface makes the process of learning a new book fast. It’s also compatible with various mobile devices, which means that it is a great option for traveling.

As you can see, Blinkist is a great app for busy people. While executive book summaries aren’t new, they still offer a convenient, affordable subscription that lets you read several books in a short period of time.

The app is easy to use and allows you to download the book’s summary into your mobile phone. However, the main downside of Blinkist is the price of the subscription. 


Blinklist Alternatives

These are some of the Blinklist alternatives

Let’s compare Blinkist with StoryShots

Blinkist vs StoryShots

Feature Blinkist StoryShots
CategoryEducation, Lms, Reading Education, Lms, Text Summarizer
Pricing₹250/month on Premium YearlyAccess $25.99 / Lifetime with no refund

About the Blinkist Company

Located In Holger Seim
CEOHolger Seim
Founded In2012
Affiliate ProgramYes

Features of Blinkist

Here are the features of Blinkist

Reading summaries

You might already be subscribed to an e-book reader, but have you ever considered reading a summary of a book?

In addition to analyzing the content of a book, Blinkist also provides short casts that highlight important points.

This can be an excellent supplement to a book, or a great standalone read. You can download the Blinkist app for free, but you’ll only be able to read one summary a day, which is random.

If you want to read more, you can upgrade to the Premium plan.

Audio summaries

If you love audiobooks, you’ll love Blinkist’s series of audio summaries of books. These bite-sized bits of information give you a quick overview of what you’ve read.

They are short and to the point, which makes it easy to consume them on the go. You can even download them for offline listening.

Just follow a few simple steps. These audio summary apps are great for students, parents, and anyone who enjoys reading. The audio feature works effortlessly compared to the other apps.

Highlighting and sharing

There are many benefits to highlighting and sharing in Blinkist. The platform features short excerpts of non-fiction books, podcasts, and politics.

In addition to the ability to share your favorites, Blinkist lets you highlight important passages and sync with Evernote.

This makes it easy to take notes and share your discoveries with your colleagues. However, you may find that the service is not suitable for your reading habits.

Who Should Buy Blinkist?



Teachers and tutors

Anyone Who enjoys reading On Digital Platforms

Blinkist for Pabbly Connect

For an app that’s offering so many fun features, you must be wondering how much it costs. The app as usual is free to download. 

You will be required to switch to their premium plan for additional and more diverse features. Blinkist offers two pricing plans, a monthly plan, and an annual plan.


FAQ’s about Blinkist

It is definitely worth it for those who enjoy reading but can’t make time. Its audio feature is perfect for all the bookworms.

Blinkist has categories for nonfiction and fiction, which make it easy to browse the list and find the best reads.

Well, that depends on thes subscription you’ve taken. You get to read one book per day. The service does not include background information on the statements, but it does sync with your mobile app, so you can read them on any device. The premium version would however give you unlimited access.

The company does not violate copyright laws, and they do not quote extensively or use the cover without the author’s permission. Instead, they pay authors a royalty fee of 10% to share their work with a wider audience.


A conclusion for buying Blinkist depends on what you want to learn from it. You can listen to book summaries or read them for free. In addition, you can subscribe to a library offline, highlight and make notes, and share your discoveries on social media.

You can subscribe to a single book or subscribe to an entire list of books. In either case, you will receive daily recommendations on the topics you’re interested in learning more about.

So for all the book lovers out there, Blinkist would hands down be the best match for you.

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