9 Best Zoom Alternatives For Webinars At A Low Price 2022

5 Mins read | Updated on May 9, 2022.

Many people seek Webinar software to assist them in hosting events, and one of the most go-to options has been Zoom Video Webinar.

It is flexible with numerous webinar capabilities offering services to businesses, educational institutions, organizations, etc.

Many companies use this application as it is packed with all the essential features one looks for while conducting webinars.

However, the biggest drawback is its pricing, which not everybody can afford. It does not offer a free trial, and According to several users, the interface can be improved.

Despite the drawbacks, large-scale companies and businesses continue using this platform for work purposes, but not to worry.

There are many new alternatives and proxies employed by public and private companies that perform better.

These alternatives or software offer similar features to the Zoom, and in this article, we will look at the top 9 Zoom Webinar alternatives for virtual events.


A detailed about all of the Best Zoom Alternatives For Webinars

1. SpotMe

SpotMe is a one-stop shop for all of your online events. SpotMe VX is the name of a virtual event platform that assists in producing high-quality virtual events.

It lets you choose between native and third-party streaming applications or platforms and integrates registration systems with add-ons.

You have everything you need to host a live event and on-demand activity with video breakouts, Webcasting, and customizable agendas all-inclusive in it.

You can also develop a brand new app using a step-by-step guide provided by them.

Collaborators or meeting holders can significantly benefit from the whiteboard functionality feature that gives a virtual reality-like- impression.

2. Live Webinar


LiveWebinar comes with many sophisticated features. You can live stream webinars, personalize a meeting room to increase brand awareness, add polls to engage viewers, and much more. 

This Zoom alternative can be used for various video applications, but it shines with instructional webinars, where it excels.

The Whiteboard allows you to draw on videos and show your name directly next to the cursor when discussing with a co-host.

This fun feature helps maintain clarity and directness throughout the video. 

3. ezTalks Webinar


Another alternative is the ezTalks Webinar, as it is one of the most critical choices available in today’s date. 

It addresses all the disadvantages of Zoom Webinar and adds features that enhance the end-user experience. 

Usually, it continually improves its user interface promptly, making it simple to utilize each function and flexible enough to manage the webinar process.

Some of its features include active screen sharing, sharing and viewing presentations, drawing and marking significant points on the whiteboard, and instant chat while presenting. 

You can easily record a video on the EZ talks webinar and email it to your friends, share it on social media, and watch it whenever you want.

4. GoToMeeting


GoToMeeting has been a feature-rich video conferencing software in the market for a long time.

Although GoToMeeting focuses mainly on corporate clients, it also caters to small businesses.

It lets you hold video and audio conferences using any device and from any location. 

The best aspect of GoToMeeting is that it allows for the accommodation of up to 250 video conferencing participants and 1000 Webinar attendees.

GoToMeeting also includes features like direct calling, cloud recording, an Office 365 plugin for combining all of your Document files, screen sharing, and more.

Overall, GoToMeeting is a comprehensive online conferencing option that you can trust over Zoom.

5. Cisco Webex


Cisco Webex is great for teamwork, with a free tier that includes screen sharing, an interactive whiteboard, and chat. 

Upgrades are required for features like recording and storage, international call-ins, and dial-in access.

Options and features like Transcriptions, file exchange, conversation, “raise the hand,” and polls are included in all premium subscriptions.

Unlike RingCentral Video, which assists the board, live customer service is accessible with everything but the free version.

The free Webex plan is one of the most extensive and convenient plans, enabling up to 100 people to join a meeting for 50 minutes.

The cheapest paid-for option extends the meeting to 24 hours, but you will need to advance two more tiers to reach the 200-person limitation.

The Premium package allows for up to 100,000 attendees and an unlimited number of hosts, which is not possible with the other applications, making it one of the perfect alternatives for institutions and organizations with a large audience and employee base. 

6. RingCentral


RingCentral is a conferencing and collaboration platform that allows you to have virtual meetings with up to 500 people simultaneously.

Without downloading an app, you can quickly attend the meetings right from your browser.

It also allows you to convert from audio to a video chat and transfer devices without disrupting the ongoing discussion.

RingCentral now connects with Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to organize and update meetings with a single click.

You can also use it to sync with iCal Google Calendar and notify invitations via email or in the form of texts from your mobile devices.

7. Skype


You may have used Skype for personal, one-on-one video communication before.

Since its beta introduction in 2003, this program has been a favorite public platform for personal video chat, family meetings, etc. 

It has been one of Zoom’s most significant competitors since the beginning.

Skype offers a “Meet Now” function that allows you to quickly set up a communal area and invite numerous users, making it perfect for corporate video conferencing.

The new functionality is free and allows up to 50 people. Participants can immediately join meetings when the host sends them an invitation, whether or not they have an account.

Signing up for a free account, on the other hand, offers you access to additional services and is one of the most accessible applications to use to date.

8. Google Meet


Google Meet is hands-down one of the most popular substitutes for Zoom. This was previously exclusively available to paid G-Suite users.

However, thanks to the pandemic, it is currently accessible for free on meet.google.com, iOS, and Android.

You can also use Meet via Gmail or Google Calendar if you work closely with Google and its products as I do.

As a result, you can start a meeting right away or arrange one in the Google Calendar. The meeting URL can then be shared with the attendees easing your work.

9. Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams stands as a rightful competitor to Zoom and is one of the most widely used videos conferencing software.

Teams now have more than 45 million daily users, up from 18 million as of November 2019.

Microsoft Teams, part of the Office 365 suite of products, allows team members to collaborate ultimately via chat, voice calls, and video meetings.

Aside from video conferences, Teams allows you to view, share, and edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files with team members in real-time, bringing all of your work together in one place.

Users can also record meetings or share their screens for presentations. You can arrange video calls with up to 250 people simultaneously with Microsoft Teams.


Zoom is one of the most powerful and well-established video conferencing platforms. It is still used by a large number of people for various activities.

However, given the drawbacks and performance difficulties, people would be happy to find and use alternate applications and software that offer the same features as that Zoom.

People need alternatives that match their level of satisfaction, requirements, and comfort, and keeping that in mind, we have penned down The Top 9 Alternatives of Zoom.

Before choosing the ideal tool, factors like your objectives, budget, the number of participants you usually have, who your consumers are, and what your services or products demand.

We hope this article helped you achieve that to some extent.

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