Which is the best SEO plugin for WordPress

Choose from our list of the best SEO plugins for WordPress and get your website ranking higher than ever before

4 Mins read | Updated on March 12, 2022.

SEO plugins for WordPress can improve your site’s security, site loading speed, and general performance of the website as a whole.

There are plenty of plugins available in the market that claim to provide the best services and solutions for your WordPress site, however not all of them keep up to the standards.

So, you must be wondering how to choose the right plugin for your WordPress and what is the need for a plugin?

A good SEO-friendly plugin will potentially make a massive difference in your site’s optimization, but beware of inappropriate plugins that can negatively impact search engine efficiency and functionality.

In the next section, let’s learn about a few advantages of using SEO plugins for your WordPress.


What are some of the advantages of using SEO plugins on your WordPress website?

According to research, Most individuals who use Google mostly just prefer to look for the results on the 1st page on the SERP.

This emphasizes the importance of optimizing your site according to the SEO-friendly rules to rank well on the SERP.

It plays a crucial role in attracting and converting relevant and organic traffic to your website, generating quality leads and sales.

This is where a good WordPress SEO plugin helps. Backlinks data, keyword rankings, and significant metrics are all the things that may help you boost your rankings.

SEO plugins also allow you to identify high-potential pages and articles, rearrange the website’s structure, correct the broken links, and do a complete SEO assessment.

Search engine optimization is not a simple task and requires consistent work.

Using tools and plugins would ease your job providing services to bloggers, beginners, and professional websites. 

Some of them will automatically perform the tasks, while others are more complicated and require some settings.

Now that we have established the importance of using SEO plugins, let’s explore the options we have from various SEO tools and plugins available in the market and commonly used by WP owners.

Here are some of the most helpful SEO tools and plugins.

1. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics WordPress plugins. It allows you to integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress dashboard and displays human-readable reports. 

You won’t need any code to set up your Google Analytics tracking program. It is super easy and can be done by absolutely anyone.

You’ll also be able to get insights on how visitors are finding and using your website according to the content report that indicates which pages are ranking well and are the most popular.

If you find Google Analytics to be too confusing, MonsterInsights would be perfect for you. It offers the same information about your data in a streamlined and straightforward approach.

So, you can now analyze your data and perform analytics straight from MonsterInsights.

2. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin. It comes in a format that is similar to the Kinsta blog. Yoast continues to amaze its  WordPress users with regular improvements and updates.

It has a gorgeous design with the most user-friendly features to easily make your blog articles and product pages stand out. It continues to be the best SEO plugin with over 17,000 5-star reviews at this writing.

By simply copying and pasting an HTML code into the Yoast user interface, you can integrate your website with Google Search Console and make use of its valuable SEO statistics.

Sitemaps are vital for SEO as they provide search engines with information about your site.

They inform the site about the pages that need to be crawled on your website. Yoast also offers a dynamic XML sitemap created automatically anytime you add new material to your website.

3. All in One SEO for WordPress


It is one of the most powerful SEO plugins in the market, and if you were to choose one solid plugin for SEO, this would be the best option. It is a user-friendly plugin capable of quickly replacing the other tools in the market. 

With TruSEO on-page analytics and an actionable checklist, AIO SEO teaches you to enhance your articles and pages. The on-page SEO checklist contains a clever meta tag generator that allows you to use dynamic data in your SEO title and descriptions.

4.Squirrly SEO

If you want to establish a successful SEO strategy, SEO Squirrly is the one for you. It was created keeping in mind the SEO newbies, making it one of the best on-page SEO plugins for WordPress.

There is also a Squirrly SEO Premium WordPress plugin with more suitable functions for more sophisticated users.

5. Semrush


Semrush is an SEO and marketing tool widely used by SEO experts. It’s the most effective SEO plugin available.

This paid tool allows you to examine search traffic for keywords so you can figure out which ones to include in your content and which ones you should target in your Ads. 

It also allows you to search other URLs, such as those of your competitors, to discover the keywords they rank for and how to outrank the competition.


The Redirection plugin is available for free download from the WordPress plugin store. It aids in the management of redirects – the forced redirection of visitors from a retired URL to a new one, preventing them from receiving a 404 error message.

You can also handle 301 redirects using the plugin’s intuitive user interface straight in your WordPress dashboard, rather than hard-coding them into the HTACCESS page on your WordPress website.

Aside from 301 redirections, the plugin also allows you to report mistakes on other servers, such as broken links and includes details on how it could access the error.

7.Rank Math

Rank Math is another fantastic WordPress SEO plugin that assists in optimizing the website content. It allows you to do real-time content analysis without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

With a snippet preview, you can also improve meta descriptions and titles, lowering the risk of SERP display issues on search engines like Google, Bing etc.

The wonderful part about this plugin is that it has been tuned for faster loading times, not to slow down your website.

We have also published an in-depth review on Rank Math. You must check that as well.

8. Broken Link Checker

Broken links have a tremendous effect on the results of a website. They frustrate search engines, making it more difficult for them to trace your website and rank your content.

Moreover, your readers will have a negative opinion of you. That is why it is critical to identify and repair all broken links, both internal and external.

Irrespective of the size of your website, this WordPress plugin will take care of it. It looks for broken links and missing pictures on all of your pages.

9. ShortPixel


ShortPixel is one of the most popular WordPress picture optimization plugins. It compresses them without compromising quality, extracts EXIF data, and does additional optimizations.

SEO plugins for WordPress are fantastic tools for fine-tuning your approach and improving the performance of your blog or website.

However, you must select a high-quality plugin that matches your requirements. Also, don’t misuse these add-ons because they might degrade website performance.

10. Easy Table of Contents

It makes sure that your website’s big, multi-topic pages are well-structured and divided into logical parts.

Secondly, it ensures each section has its own anchor with a comprehensive description and that your page has a “table of contents” that connects to the different anchors.

This plugin accomplishes that by adding a table of contents to your pages and posts, making them easier to navigate.

Because a table of contents makes large pages less intimidating, it can enhance SEO by increasing factors like time on page, bounce rate, and holding time.


SEO is the most critical factor of any website, and having an excellent SEO-friendly website will only produce good results for you and your business.

Picking the correct type of tools and plugins that can help your work and rank your page is crucial, and we hope we have helped you gain clarity about the same.

However, you can hire digital marketing agencies to do the work for you.

Some of the best digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad provide the best SEO services that can uplift your business and marketing strategies.