Top 8 Best free live chat plugin for WordPress 2022 

5 Mins read | Updated on May 10, 2022.

It would be best to interact with clients faster and better to make your brand or website successful. But how, you ask?

Live chat allows you to give excellent customer service by quickly addressing consumer issues.

It may also help you increase conversions by responding to sales inquiries in real-time, eliminating buyer friction, and providing a comforting human presence until clients are ready to whip out their wallets.

There are more than 400 WordPress chat plugins to pick from, which you probably didn’t know about. It can be not very clear, so we are here to ease up your work. 

We’ve compiled a list of The Top 9 WordPress live chats to save you time. So you don’t have to search through hundreds of possibilities to figure out which one is right for you.


Complete list of the best free live chat plugin for WordPress

1. Pure Chat


Pure Chat allows you to customize your live chat widget fully.

To improve the efficiency of the help you give, receive complete transcriptions of rep-to-customer discussions and build automatic triggers for activities your visitors do.

When the agents aren’t available, you can select whether or not you want your widget to show an offline indicator, which tells consumers to contact support or wait.

Finally, analytics and visitor monitoring are available on your site to assist you in better understanding client activities and requirements.

2. LiveChat


As the name says, LiveChat is a beneficial live chat solution that offers everyone in the picture something relatively simple to use.

This applies to both your website visitors and customers and you.

Customers are greeted by a lovely chat window at the bottom of the page when they use LiveChat. That box is always visible and can be accessed with a single mouse click.

Your visitors can then offer comments and rate their experience with your representative when the chat is completed.

They may also promote you on social media by using the share buttons built within the chatbox.

3. LiveAgent


One of the most popular multichannel live chat and support desk software is LiveAgent.

They provide a software package that includes email tickets, live chat, video conference, time tracking, a contact center, and many other things.

If you don’t already have a support desk system, the LiveAgent suite can help because it’s an all-in-one platform comparable to Zendesk chat and many others.

WordPress and other major website builders can seamlessly integrate with LiveAgent. They also work with popular email marketing providers, CRMs, and other marketing software.

4. Tidio Live Chat


Tidio is a firm that provides a well-live chat plugin that has received positive customer feedback. It’s geared toward WordPress site owners, and it includes email marketing and a chatbot as part of the bundle.

Installation is quick, and you can set up many chat windows on various sites after you’re done.

Tidio’s chat windows can be customized to fit your identity and support almost 190+  languages.

You can follow up with consumers after they leave your website, converting your support channels into sales pipeline entrance points due to the integrated email marketing.

Furthermore, a variety of third-party connectors can be accessed with Tidio.

5. Zendesk Chat


Zendesk Chat is a powerful plugin that allows you to communicate with your customers directly and assist them in completing a transaction.

The online dashboard allows you to handle various transactions and keep track of visitors. The plugin is mobile-friendly, compatible with all popular browsers, and comes in 40 languages.

Only one concurrent conversation is allowed in the free version, and chat recordings are kept for fourteen days.

In addition to that, in the free edition, only one person can view the dashboard at a time. Many other customizable possibilities are also missing, making it a restrictive plugin in the free version.

However, the plugin’s premium packages include many additional functions. Several team members may see the dashboard with their accounts and even move conversations between them.

6. Olark


Olark is an excellent WordPress live chat plugin for e-commerce enterprises since it gives users valuable information about their consumers.

Olark members can see which pages their visitors are visiting and the contents of their shopping baskets.

You can also add API calls and configure your Olark live chat to translate any discussions to your website visitors’ native language from inside your WordPress admin.

You may want to test out the Olark WordPress plugin for free before upgrading to an Olark subscription account if you want more sophisticated capabilities and unlimited conversations.

7. Chaport


Chaport is a WordPress live chat plugin. It allows clients to contact you via your website, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Chaport, on individual platforms, allows your agents to reply.

The initiative promotes client autonomy. You may create your bot to respond to inquiries and provide recommendations for articles. Contacting a live representative should only be used as a last option.

With Zapier, Chaport can connect to over 2,000 applications or any app with an API.

8. Tawk.To LiveChat


Tawk.To Live Chat is not just a well-reviewed chat plugin, but it also looks fantastic when installed on your website. The plugin is entirely free, which is the first benefit you’ll notice.

There are no advertising or spam components in the live chat window, making it convenient.

Monitoring your consumers in real-time is possible, and the live chat module is entirely customizable.

The customer service team is also available to speak with at any given time.

Only live chat and email are available for customer service, but they usually answer and respond immediately.

9. JivoChat Live Chat


JivoChat Live Chat is a free professional live chat plugin for WordPress that does everything. It has optimized features that allow you to communicate with your customers indefinitely. 

Additionally, the plugin allows users to communicate by live chat, phones, email, and social media platforms. It also enables free widget customization and tweaking.

This may be used to represent your communication style and plan and provide effective client service.

Similarly, it may link and manage all communication channels with a single app. It also has an omnichannel live chat option specifically designed for eCommerce.


We hope this article did justice in helping you find the right live chat plugins for your WordPress. The plugins mentioned above are only some of the many available plugins. Each plugin has its own pros and cons and can be used accordingly.

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