Top 10 best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress

Picks for the best WordPress plugins to help you run a successful affiliate marketing program.

5 Mins read | Updated on May 5, 2022.

Do you have a blog that you’d want to monetize but aren’t sure how? Then you’re already aware of affiliate marketing if you’re searching for a method to make money online.

Earning money from your website with affiliate marketing is a fantastic idea. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, In basic terms, you promote various items and services on your website and receive a commission when a user makes a purchase.

You may utilize a variety of affiliate plugins to grow your business. You may use them to manage your affiliate links on your website, no matter how big or little it is.

You need to install one of the finest WordPress affiliate marketing plugins to start making money from your site.

Affiliate marketing is simple with the appropriate combination of plugins in your toolkit, and it also helps you generate more money from your site.

So, let’s look at the finest WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers so you can start earning right away!


A detailed about all of the of the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress

1. MonsterInsights


Your business requires Google Analytics regardless of how you make money from your website. MonsterInsights is the simplest option for affiliate marketers to implement.

This is one of the best affiliate WordPress plugins because it includes an affiliate link tracking tool as well as detailed data on the performance of all of your affiliate programs.

It has a link monitoring feature that allows you to keep track of URL clicks, banner advertisements, and other outbound connections.

You can also combine this with page insights and other reports to get a more detailed overview.


This is one of the best WordPress affiliate link cloaking plugins. 

The plugin’s primary objective, as the name suggests, is to make affiliate links look attractive. Affiliate links are immediately added to the specified keyword.

The affiliate plugin keeps track of every click on the URL and provides information about them. 

This plugin’s best feature lets you see which affiliate link would be the most profitable for you.

3. AffiliateWP


AffiliateWP is a powerful affiliate management system that is easy to use and integrates with your WordPress dashboard. This provides real-time data on affiliate registrations, sales, payments, and comprehensive statistics.

You may provide your affiliates with as many creatives and coupons as possible. Affiliates may easily create tracking links as well.

An affiliate network should be seriously considered if you’re seeking a fresh way to market your course, products, or service. AffiliateWP is for you if you want to set up an affiliate program on WordPress.

AffiliateWP is a fantastic option for setting up a multi-tiered affiliate network.

4. Ultimate Affiliate Pro


You can reward your affiliates based on their rank using the Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin. This implies that various commission rates might be assigned to different affiliate ranks.

As a result, as an affiliate advances in rank, their commission rate will increase.

You may use this feature to create a multi-level marketing structure in your company and enhance revenue by having your affiliates bring in new customers.

You can track your affiliates’ performance using the smart dashboard and simple layout, and they can track their referrals and revenue as well.

5.Thirsty Affiliates


ThirstyAffiliates is the best WordPress affiliate plugin for managing all of your affiliate networks. It’s an excellent choice for hiding long and inaccessible affiliate links and changing them into more engaging URLs.

The plugin also makes it simple to add, amend, and delete affiliate links from your website. As a result, you can simply alter any affiliate link without wanting to navigate to each page manually and replace it.

6. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads may not appear to be an obvious choice for marketing your affiliate links, but it's a plugin with a wealth of capabilities that you should take advantage of. It's one thing to organize and manage your links, but Thrive Leads can assist you in getting your customers to click on them. You'll have the right choice to get your visitors clicking if you use this plugin to create your email list, and it'll be as easy as sending an email.

Thrive Leads may not appear to be an obvious choice for marketing your affiliate links, but it’s a plugin with a wealth of capabilities that you should take advantage of.

It’s one thing to organize and manage your links, but Thrive Leads can assist you in getting your customers to click on them.

You’ll have the right choice to get your visitors clicking if you use this plugin to create your email list, and it’ll be as easy as sending an email.

7. SliceWP


SliceWP allows you to connect to your preferred WordPress e-commerce platform and begin allowing affiliates to advertise your items.

The plugin features integrated affiliate region pages as well as limitless affiliate signups, allowing you to scale your program to your desired size.

 You can also select whether to accept new affiliate applications manually or automatically, allow customizable affiliate links, specify credit structure, and add an infinite number of promotional assets.

Affiliates will be able to personalize their ID, generate discount coupons and publish product links directly on social media platforms, among other things.

8. Affiliates Manager


Affiliates Manager assists with affiliate recruitment, registration, login, and maintenance. 

It maintains track of referrals and distributes commissions appropriately. It works with 12 different platforms.

You may specify the payment rate using a flat rate or a percentage. Make as many advertisements as you like. Real-time reports are available.


You may use Auto Affiliate Links to automatically add affiliate links from websites such As amazon, Walmart, Clickbank, eBay, and others to your WordPress websites.

You’ll be able to see which links were created and where they went.

This plugin provides robust data reporting capabilities that track affiliate activity such as the number of clicks a link receives.

10. AdSanity


AdSanity makes it simple to add affiliate banners to articles and sidebar widgets. Within the WordPress admin panel, you may adjust your affiliate campaigns and advertisements.

The key advantage of AdSanity is that affiliate banners may only be shown on your website for a certain amount of time.

You can simply track the progress of any ad you publish on your site with its performance report.


This leads us to the conclusion of the article, we hope this article helped you gain an understanding of the best affiliate marketing plugin for your WP. 

The plugins and solutions that we mentioned could be of great use to automate your affiliate marketing.

You can choose the plugin that best fits your brand and product to get started with your affiliate marketing.

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