Zen Mind Map Pro Review

Zen Mind Map- effective and elegantly mind mapping tool for your projects

5 Mins read | Updated on March 8, 2022.

Zen Mind Map is the most user-friendly online free software for mind mapping and brainstorming. Creating mindmaps or idea maps with our online free mind map creator and concept map maker is simple and enjoyable due to a simple and intuitive user interface.

A detailed Zen Mind Map Pro Review

What is Zen Mind Map

Mind Mapping is a brainstorming technique that aids in the production of new ideas. It’s a type of brainstorming that’s popular among students, entrepreneurs, writers, and anybody else who wants to build on an idea. Writing a specific word or phrase in the center of a page is a highly effective strategy. Then you draw branches that lead to additional ideas that are related to the core topic.

Pros and Cons of Zen Mind Map


  • They provide you priority support

  • Text adjustment

  • So easy to share with others

  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Custom icons, adjustable colors and fonts, and other complex capabilities are missing, which would be good to have but can get in the way of a simple design.

Zen Mind Map Reviews

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About the Zen Mind Map Company

Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)
Trusted by160,000+ users
Located inUnited States
CategoryMind Mapping software
Customer TypeSmall & Medium Business

UI & UX of Zen Mind Map

Clean UI

Simple interface and clean UI

Easy to understand

Very easy to understand

Easy to use

Super-easy to use

Zen Mind Map Flowchart

A flow chart is a diagram that explains a process. These diagrams are made up of blocks that are linked together by arrows. The blocks each carry information about a particular process stage.

When to Use a Flowchart?

A flowchart is a basic and effective tool for increasing efficiency in both our personal and professional lives. You can use a flowchart in the following ways that present a solution, Design a system, process a document, brainstorm an idea, etc.

Symbols and Components of a flowchart


Features of Zen Mind Map

Here are the features of Zen Mind Map

Create a mind map in seconds

With a few simple clicks or keyboard actions, you can create a mind map. This is mind mapping at incredible speeds.

Workspace of Zen

We prioritize your content because it is the most important aspect of your website. There are no sidebars. There are no floating icons. There will be no interruptions.


Stylish Emojis

Emojis can help you remember your mind maps even better. There’ll be no end to the joy. You will definitely love these emojis.


A Modern and Minimal UI

They removed all unwanted elements from their mind map creator to provide you with the best mind mapping experience possible. As a result, the interface is intentionally simple and completely functional.


Ready to Give a Presentation

You can save your mind map as a PNG file or make it a live document that updates as you make changes. It’s that simple to share your work.

Zen Mind Map Support

Zen Mind Map will give you priority support to their customers If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact their support team by emailing them at help@zenmindmap.com. They will resolve all your queries within 24 hours.

Who should buy Zen Mind Map


Small business

Medium business


Pricing for Zen Mind Map

Free planYes
All future plan updatesYes
Lifetime accessYes
Priority Email SupportYes
Exporting as a PNGYes
Zen wireframeYes

FAQ’s about Zen Mind Map

Zen Mind Map does not offer an API.

Yes, Zen Mind Map has a free plan.

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