Movavi Video Editor Plus Review 2022

Is it the best Video Editor available in the market?

5 Mins read | Updated on March 10th, 2022.

If you’re looking for a program that lets you edit and create video files without having to learn complicated programming and skills, Movavi Video Editor Plus is the right choice for you.

A detailed Movavi Video Editor Plus Review

What Is Movavi Video Editor Plus?

Movavi video editor plus is a simple, lightweight, professional-grade video editor that includes essential features such as trimming and editing.

It also comes with extra built-in media and features such as Beat Detection, Noise Removal, and Quick Videos Creation.

The software is an excellent choice for casual video editors, and there’s no comparable editor in this price range. A free trial version is also a perfect option for first-timers.

This program also includes a store that offers a variety of stickers, backgrounds, animated objects, and other goodies.

It also features a wide range of practical output formats and infers the best format based on the files you import.

It can even automatically detect the orientation of your video file and export it to the correct resolution. For example, you can import a video and then export it to a wide variety of formats.

The Movavi Video Editor Plus review also points to a variety of new features. It accepts a variety of common formats and has a storyboard-style layout that’s easy to navigate.

Unlike other video editing software, it supports multiple files in different formats. It has audio and video editing tools, as well as an online store. It is also easy to export your finished video in any format you want.

Pros and Cons of Movavi Video Editor Plus


  • Video Rendering Very Fast

  • Direct Upload Videos On Youtube

  • Lut Support

  • Huge No Of Transitions And Filters


  • No Color Wheel, Histogram And Vectorscope

Movavi Video Editor Plus Review

The Movavi Video Editor Plus review focuses on its features. This software is designed for those looking for a simple, intuitive movie editing solution without unnecessary complexity. The main benefits of this program are its advanced tools, responsiveness, and speed.

The program is compatible with many of the most common file formats, including MP4 and AVI. If you’re not satisfied with the options provided by Movavi, you can always go to the Movavi Store and purchase additional content.

In addition to the basic functions, Movavi Video Editor Plus has many additional features. It has an extensive set of tools for working with videos, including filters, music, and sound.

Whether you’re creating a movie for personal or business use, Movavi Video Editor Plus is the right choice for you. If you need to edit videos, Movavi Video Editing Plus is a great choice. There are dozens of options, including effects and transitions.

Movavi Video Editor Plus has a wide range of export options, including AAC, MP3, and WAV. The interface is uncluttered and similar to professional video editing software, so it’s easy to learn.

It also offers an advanced settings menu, a timeline, and a variety of other features, including a free trial. Despite its low price, Movavi is safe to use and has many other useful features.

Movavi Software Review

When it comes to video editing software, Movavi Video Editor Plus comes with many features. Its user-friendly interface and collection of tools allow anyone to create stunning videos, and you can even add your own stickers, music, and more.

The app also comes with a handy collection of stickers for YouTube and other social media. While it may not be the most professional option available, it offers a lot of essential editing tools and some advanced ones.

The program is easy to use and has an intuitive interface, making it ideal for even the most novice of video editors. It supports over 12 different codecs, and the preview player shows the video in real-time.

It also includes advanced settings and presets for mobile devices and YouTube and is free to try for seven days. If you’re not completely satisfied with the program, you can always purchase the software with a money-back guarantee.

Movavi Software Review

Movavi Video Editor Plus Vs Filmora:

Feature Filmora Movavi Video Editor Plus
Platform Support Windows, mac Windows, mac
Support 24/7 Live Support 24/7 Live Support
Pricing $44.99 Per Year $39.95 one time Fee
Integrations Free Logo Design Movavi Screen

About Movavi Video Editor Plus Company:

Located InUSA
No Of Employees400
CEOSergei Pavlishin
Affiliate ProgramYes

UI & UX of Movavi Video Editor Plus


Flexible and adjustable

Easy to understand

Very easy to understand


Very fast and reliable

User Friendly

User friendly interface

Free version

Free version is available

Features of Movavi Video Editor Plus

Here are the features of Movavi Video Editor Plus

Timeline Markers:

The video editing software Movavi can be used by everyone, from amateurs to experts. It has an intuitive interface and many features that will help you make the best videos possible.

The software can be used to make any type of video, from funny to professional, and includes a variety of filters to help you add a professional touch.

You can even download more filters from the official website by clicking on the ‘Download More’ option.

Effects and Transitions:

The Movavi Video Editor Plus Effects and transitions app is an ideal choice for beginners, as it provides a wealth of useful video effects and a step-by-step tutorial for explainer videos.

In addition to allowing you to create professional-looking videos, the program also lets you create fun travel clips, and its video editing features make it easy to put together an impressive vacation video.

Joining, cutting, and Trimming:

Movavi Video Editor Plus joins and cuts your videos in a variety of ways. This app’s editing features make it easy to cut unwanted segments.

You can also delete entire segments, and you can trim the beginning and end of the video. After cutting your video, you can save it in your Gallery.

This program is very intuitive and you can use it without any problem. Learn how to use this video editor.

Automatic Video Creation:

Movavi Video Editor Plus can automatically create your next video. You don’t have to be an experienced video creator to enjoy its easy-to-use features.

The program’s filters mode lets you apply effects like blur, color filters, and transitions.

The included sample videos and audio let you see how the filters work. Alternatively, you can search through the effects list and select which one suits your needs.

Fast Processing 4k Videos:

Fast processing 4k videos and a variety of file formats are key benefits of Movavi Video Editor Plus.

The software includes a multitude of audio and video tools, transitions, filters, and more, and is updated regularly.

This software also supports picture-in-picture, stabilization, and speed, and it offers chroma key, audio, and text editing. The program is designed to provide users with a quick and easy editing experience.

Who Should Buy Movavi Video Editor Plus?

Marketing Agencies



Email marketers

Social Media Advertisers


Pricing Of Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Price: $39.95 For 1 Pc

Movavi Video Editor Plus Price: $59.95 For 1 Pc

FAQ’s about Movavi Video Editor Plus

Does Movavi have a time limit for trial versions? Yes, it does. You can only use the trial for 7 days and then you must purchase the product.

After the trial expires, you cannot use the software again. However, you can download the full version for free and then purchase a license.

This will allow you to make unlimited videos for free. During the trial period, you can try out the various features of Movavi.

Is Movavi Video Editor Plus safe to use? Yes, but you should take precautions when downloading software from unknown developers.

Whenever you encounter an error, the software should prompt you to send a crash report to the developers.

This report must include the user name, version number of the software, and a stack trace. If this option is not available, you can choose not to send the crash report or disable the program altogether.

Do you want to use the Movavi Video Editor free trial? If so, you can download the demo version to try it out before buying the software.

You can then activate the product in a few seconds. If you like the trial version, you can keep using it as long as you want.

You can also use the software to make music videos and create YouTube videos. If you have a video with narration, this feature will be handy for you.


If you’re new to video editing, Movavi Video Editor Plus might be the program for you.

While the interface can be intimidating, this program is straightforward and offers the latest techniques, such as chroma keying, transitions, picture-in-picture, and motion tracking.

It also offers many features you’ll find useful for professional-looking videos.

However, some users might be put off by in-app purchases and upsells. Fortunately, these are rarely bothersome, and you can get your money’s worth in less than a day by using this software.

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