Better Sheets Appsumo deal review

Better sheets is the best way to learn and master Google Sheets?

5 Mins read | Updated on Jan 11, 2021.

Google Sheets is used by everyone to operate their business.

If you are not capable of using google sheets, or not very familar about how much google sheets can do for you. Then you should consider Better Sheets.

It will consume a lot of your time to google and learn how Google Sheets and its formulas or templates work.

So, we bring you better sheets – one of the best way to learn and master Google Sheets.

But Better Sheets is a paid series. They charge you 19$/month for enrolling and purchasing it from their website.

We know what you are thinking, Here is an option to get it for a much cheaper price.

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A detailed Review on Better Sheets Appsumo deal

What is Better Sheets?

Better Sheets will enhance your skills and experience of working in Google Sheets every day.

Using Google Sheets you can now, delight yourself, your colleagues, your boss and even your friends with better designed spreadsheets that you couldn’t have even thought of before.

Better sheets will give you the power to build internal tools in Google Sheets that you and your company can use again and again. 

Master and design the templates in google sheets for better workflows to make your life easier. 

You can share your sheets with pride.

Pros and Cons of Better Sheets appsumo deal


  • Learn how to use key formulae to go deeper into your data.

  • Project-based video tutorials

  • The Better Sheets course is available for a lifetime.


  • Nothing that I could complain. I liked this deal. If you think there are corns, please feel free to write to us

Better Sheets Reviews from appsumo

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better sheets appsumo review
better sheets appsumo

Better Sheets Alternatives

About the Better Sheets Company

Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)
Instructor and FounderAndrew Kamphey
Joined Members2,103

UI & UX of Better Sheets

Easy to understand

Very easy to understand


So simple & nice design

User Friendly

Good user interface

Features of Better Sheets

Here are the features of Better Sheets

Better Sheets can educate you how to make more attractive tables to go with your data summaries, show you how to develop business models for any industry, and show you how to replace long, complex formulas with simple ones.

Improve Your Sheets Speed:

Better sheets mean a better life in the sheets. There are some videos to assist you record and repeat easy actions. You’ll discover how to use Google Sheets to automate your work.

Create internal Google Sheets products that your business will use over and over again. To make your life easier, learn how to use spreadsheet processes.

Become a better number cruncher:

The videos cover formulas and functions that you’re likely to come with on a regular basis. Or maybe you’ve never seen anything like it. 

You’re a gold prospector on your way to the hills. You can be sure to obtain the correct gold at the right time with these wonderful features.

Videos would teach you how you can calculate from form entries and creating a trailing 1 year sales chart, switching data etc..,

Improve Spreadsheet Layout:

If you decorate it, any house may become a home. Every home must still be comfortable, effective, and helpful. These tutorials not only improve the appearance of your sheets, but they also improve their functionality. 

You won’t have to check for secret columns, and you won’t have to remind people twice where to put the data.

You can design your sheets in such a way that your favorite fonts, adding star ratings, creating dark mode, adding bullet points etc.

Become a better data wrangler:

You’ve got the data, but it’s a jumble. It’s keeping you up late at night trying to figure out how to deal with it. You’re copying and pasting too much and doing the same things again and again. 

This series of videos demonstrates how to handle data without the use of automation.

For example, creating a self adding dropdown menu, quick pipeline with transpose, finding duplicates and more.

100 Twitter Templates:

100 prewritten tweets are included in better sheets to help you write more. It also contains a tweet intent url for each tweet. 

As a result, you’ll be able to tweet more quickly. The sheet also doubles as a swipe file, allowing you to keep the greatest evergreen tweets you’ve written and retweet them whenever you want.

Better Sheets Support

For all Your queries and concerns Andrew Kamphey will give you the answers, You just need to visit his website and click on “Get an email in your inbox” Just enter your email and name and click on subscribe to list.

 You will get the support from him directly.

Who should buy Better Sheets

Business owners

Marketing teams

Who are looking for organize data

Who do budgets through Google Sheets

Better Sheets Appsumo deal Pricing

Lifetime accessYes
Future plan updatesYes
GDPR CompliantYes
Project-based video tutorialsYes
Learning the creating business modelsYes
Track crypto with formulas builtYes
Creating a storefrontYes

FAQ’s about Better Sheets appsumo deal

No, there is no subtitles available for the videos

You can do that in google sheets. Yes, You can use the RegexReplace function to create spintax like that.

Yes, You can create a calculator. In the existing videos they shown how to make a podcast ad calculator.

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